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    A Closer Look at The Aston Martin AM37S Speedboat

    The long awaited Aston Martin AM37 powerboat was finally unleashed on September 28th 2016 in Monaco, making it the first nautical vessel in the luxury British brand’s line of production. The AM37 was born after two years of thorough research and development, with a collaboration of three companies (Quintessence Yachts, Aston Martin, and Mulder Design) […] More

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    The Five Largest Yachts in the Entire World

    Owning a boat is nice when you live on the water. I should know as a lifelong Floridian who lives less than 10 minutes from the beach. However, owning a yacht is even better (not that I know that from personal experience). There is something about a yacht that screams luxury (the price tag, perhaps?) […] More

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    Five Things to Expect at the Singapore Yacht Show

    You will not always get the chance to enjoy a luxury lifestyle, see world-class yachts, and be part of a high-end entertaining and glamorous party.  Well that’s what the Singapore Yacht Show is all about. This is a show that gives you the opportunity to discover the world’s finest superyacht and international yacht brands. This […] More

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    Submersible Luxury Yachts Made Possible by Migaloo

    As the world gets more crowded we’re constantly trying to find more space to inhabit it’s occupants.  While someday we think we’ll be able to live on other planets, that’s in a future far too distant right now.  However, there have been incredible advances in taking up more room here on earth, and with little […] More

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    Luxury Yacht of the Week: Lürssen’s Goliath 404-Foot Golden Odyssey

    While there are certainly many great yacht manufacturers and ship builders out there, when it comes to superyachts and absolutely massive floating castles, one company is boss: Lürssen. This German shipbuilding company is known for their large and luxurious vessels, and they are also the company that produced the largest yacht in the world, the Azzam. […] More

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    282-Foot Trimaran Superyacht Concept Is Literally Light Defining

    We all love awesome superyacht concepts as they often push the envelope when it comes to design and functionality. The French design firm known as VPLP have recently created some renderings for a 282-foot trimaran superyacht and it looks pretty incredible. They call it the “Komorebi 282” and it is a sailing trimaran superyacht that […] More

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