The 10 Most Influential Names in the Yacht Industry

Biggest names in the yacht industry - sunseeker

A luxury yacht is the ultimate traveling vehicle. They are essentially floating homes and typically you have to be a multi-millionaire to realistically afford and own one. Now there are many different companies and brands that produce incredible vessels, like with any consumer product. Still out of all the various brands out there, a few standout as some of the best and most influential. These names are associated with excellence and luxury, and a yacht from the top manufacturers is truly a lifetime investment. So which yacht companies are the best-of-the-best? We are going to take a quick look at a list of ten of the most influential names in the yacht industry.

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10. Sea Ray

Sea Ray

Established in 1959, Sea Ray is an American boat and yacht manufacturer that offers a list of great vessels. They primarily cater to clientele that seek a smaller sized vessel as their boats range in size from 18- to 80-feet in length. Not everyone seeks a floating house replacement, and Sea Ray produces some of the best smaller to mid-sized yachts currently on the market today.

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9. Tiara Yachts 

Tiara YAchts

Recognized as a pioneer for creating “open” yachts, Tiara Yachts is another American company that produces a range of vessels. Like Sea Ray, Tiara Yachts focuses on smaller yachts that range in size from 30- to 60-feet, rather than super-yachts. Their mid-ranged vehicles are among some of the best in class, and that have boats to please fisherman and luxury seekers alike.

Photo from Tiara Yachts

8. Princess Yachts

Princess Yachts

Operating out of Plymouth, England, Princess Yachts is another extremely influential name in the yacht industry. Since their inception in 1965, they have been recognized as one of the leading yacht manufacturers in the world. They produce a wide range of luxury yachts, and cater to clientele that seek larger ships that range in size from 80- to over 130-feet in length. Their vessels are certainly very expensive, but that’s because they are extremely premium and luxurious.

Photo from Princess Yachts 

7. Azimut Yachts

Azimut Yachts

Praised for their sleek and sexy designs, Azimut Yachts is an Italian yacht brand that is well respected among yacht enthusiasts. They were established in Avigliana in 1969 and produce a range of different vessels, everything from 30-foot ships to massive yachts over 100-feet long. Their yachts have won a variety of different awards for excellence, and they remain as one of the top names within the industry.

Photo from Azimut Yachts

6. Wally


Monaco is home to arguably the most famous marina in the entire world, and it is also the hometown of the luxury yacht and shipbuilder known as Wally. Established by an Italian businessman named Luca Bassani in 1994, Wally produces a range of class-leading vessels. They are praised for the unique designs, luxury amenities, and minimalistic approach to ship building. In a industry where many yachts look extremely similar, Wally produces yachts that standout from the rest.

Photo from Wally

5. Feadship


Feadship is a shipbuilding company that is based out of the Netherlands. Rather than offering a line of yachts like the other names on our list, Feadship specializes in constructing custom-made vessels. They realistically only cater to billionaires and oil-barons, as all of their ships are typically massive, luxury super-yachts.

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4. Trinity Yachts

Trinity Yachts

Trinity Yachts is an American shipbuilding brand that is based out in the Gulf. Like Feadship, Trinity specializes in producing large, custom-ordered luxury superyachts. They cater to extremely wealthy individuals, but if you seek an American shipbuilder to construct your floating mansion, Trinity Yachts is a great brand to look into.

Photo from Trinity Yachts

3. Sunseeker


Out of all the yacht brands that mass-produce their vessels, Sunseeker is arguably the most respected name in the industry. They operate out of Dorset, England and they produce some of the finest, high-end luxury yachts that are currently on their market. Their prices are very high, however they have much to offer those seeking to own some of the finest yachts on the planet.

Photo from Sunseeker 

2. Blohm & Voss

Blohm & Voss

Originally established in 1877, Blohm & Voss is a German shipbuilding and engineering firm that is responsible for some of the most amazing and luxurious yachts that the world has ever seen. They pretty much only produce massive superyachts and cruise liners, and are among the best in the business. They are also accredited with producing the second largest yacht in the world, the Eclipse, which comes in at 533-feet.

Photo from Blohm & Voss

1. Lürssen 



Lürssen is another German shipbuilder that produces some of the most incredible yachts and ships on the planet. Their portfolio of yachts is extremely impressive and is filled with amazing vessels. They also have the bragging rights for building the largest private yacht in the world, the Azzam. That behemoth is 590-feet in length and is arguably the most incredible ship of all time.

Photo from Lürssen

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