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    Five Sneaker Brands to Look for at New York Market Week

    New York Fashion week is only a little over a month away, but that’s not what we are focusing on. Those are big designers; big names. Those are brands that are established, expensive and more famous than you can imagine. It’s Market Week that we are focusing on at the moment. It’s the week in […] More

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    Five of the Most Expensive Sneakers of 2016

    Great shoes are not cheap. Just ask my husband; he will tell you that there is nothing in life like me buying a new pair of shoes. The average pair of Christian Louboutin heels costs $700. The average pair of Manolo Blahniks is the same price. The Valentino Rock Stud flats are $775 alone. Shoes […] More

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    The Finest Sneaker Designs by Sydney Kay Customs

    She’s a young girl with some serious talent, and that’s what makes Sydney Kay the amazing woman she is today. She takes tennis shoes that are admittedly boring and she turns them into works of art using Angelus Direct paint. The company sponsored her when they saw what an amazing job she’s been doing with […] More

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    The Limited Edition Na-Kel Smith Matchcourt Mid from Adidas

    Who doesn’t love Adidas? Growing up, they were my favorite brand of sneaker to the point that it was always a little bitter for me that we had to wear those boring, unexciting white Nikes with the color inserts for cheerleading in high school and childhood. Adidas was so much cooler, and now they’re even […] More

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    A Closer Look at the Kendrick Lamar X Reebok Classic Leather

    Kendrick Lamar is more than just the rapper who was in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video with all the famous models and actresses. He’s an award-winning rapper who has been having a really, really stellar year. His name has been at the top of the list of most nominated artists in virtually every musical award […] More

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    The Bizarre Sneaker Looks of Tokyo Fashion Week

    Tokyo Fashion Week is well underway and to say that you’re going to be getting some interesting looks is an understatement.  While clothes up top find themselves with odd patterns and even stranger materials, it’s the footwear that draws our attention today.  Because realistically fashion shows are supposed to spot new trends are they not?  […] More

  • Nike Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit Low

    Nike Debuts Tonal Models of The Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit Low

    The Air Force 1 are easily some of the most iconic sneakers from Nike, and they’ve proven to be able to stand the tests of time. Nike has recently been updating their offerings by adding their patented Flyknit material into existing sneaker silhouettes. They’ve already given the Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit Low the Flyknit […] More

  • Under Armour Architech 3D

    Under Armour Has Created Their First 3D Printed Sneaker, And They’re Only Making 96 Pairs

    You can almost create everything from 3D printers, and that includes sneakers. We’ve seen Adidas and New Balance toy around with the idea of 3D printed shoes, and now Under Armour is joining their ranks. The athletic company from Baltimore has recently show off their first 3D printed sneaker, and it’ll probably be the hardest […] More

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    Adidas Gives The Ultra Boost a Hint of Rainbow

    The Adidas Ultra Boost has been one of the brands most successful sneakers in recent years, and they’ve spawned a wide range of other sneakers that feature the patented and unique sole. Many will agree that the Ultra Boosts are some of the most comfortable sneakers out there, and the German sportswear brand has unveiled […] More

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