A Closer Look at The Aston Martin AM37S Speedboat


The long awaited Aston Martin AM37 powerboat was finally unleashed on September 28th 2016 in Monaco, making it the first nautical vessel in the luxury British brand’s line of production. The AM37 was born after two years of thorough research and development, with a collaboration of three companies (Quintessence Yachts, Aston Martin, and Mulder Design) looking to challenge the status quo in the naval world. In order to achieve this, the marque had to utilize its most experienced designers, whose resumes included cars such as Aston Martin Vulcan, One-77, and the DB11. Their combined automotive experience was reflected onto the boat with breathtaking results.

The notion of an Aston Martin speedboat can be traced back to 2011, when the European design house Luiz de Basto came up with the Voyage 55 yacht concept. This was inspired by the brilliant Virage, DBS, Rapide, and Vantage. Unfortunately it was never brought to reality. Let’s take a closer look at Aston Martin’s AM37S speedboat.



Like the more familiar Aston Martin passenger cars, the AM37S powerboat pays a lot of attention to detail, featuring a powerful shape with a windscreen curved from a single piece of glass. With just the touch of a button, owners can cover the cockpit via an electronically-operated sliding deck. Protruding at the aft deck are three carbon fiber panels, which serve to protect the fine leather of the luxurious cabin and multimedia technology from damage. Passengers can even take a dip into the integrated swim platform in dazzlingly elegant fashion.

There are two options in the engine bay: you can either have two 430 hp mercury petrol engines or a pair of 370 hp mercury diesel engines. Both of these can achieve a top speed of around 45 knots. The Aston Martin AM37S powerboat adheres to the same Aston Martin values when it comes to soul, power, and beauty. The boat’s proportion and design language is probably its most significant attribute. When working on the project, the Aston Martin production team had to ensure that the boat’s design was as timeless and gorgeous as their cars.

Interestingly, the AM37 can be converted into an overnight berth by simply turning the table into a comfy bed. There is sufficient air conditioning and mood lighting in the cabin. The additional combination of an onboard lavatory, coffee machine, microwave oven, and refrigerator makes the boat all the more comfortable. There is enough seating for up to 8 people, all designed from the finest leather.

The exterior design is simple, but immaculately executed, featuring a very unique style. A single piece of glass was used to create the windscreen, draping it fluidly over the boat’s foredeck. The extreme double curvature is a start in the industry. Once the cockpit is uncovered, the 3 light carbon panels, which function with the AM37 key, are tucked beneath the aft deck. When idle, the engine hatch is used to accommodate an electro-hydraulic carbon fiber bi-mini top. The swim platform protruding from the aft deck makes it easy to access the water. The carbon fiber dashboard at the boat’s helm reflects styling elements from the marque’s most sophisticated sports cars. Some of its most noteworthy features include the metal-polished joystick, throttle handles, and steering wheel. The AM37S is also equipped with entertainment systems, control monitor, and navigation, in addition to advanced multimedia functions.



The Aston Martin AM37S was constructed using super stiff tech-oriented composite materials such as carbon fiber. Quintessence employed clever vacuum infusion technology in the construction of the scalpel-sharp hull. Thanks to the skill, creativity, and passion of the people have dedicated their lives to uplifting this iconic luxury brand, the AM37S features a combination of the highest degree of innovation and technology in a particularly unique way. The 11.3m long speedboat comes with an integrated voice control in a sliding deck, which allows protection of the cockpit top from the elements.

Owners can also store their items securely with just the click of a button, thanks to the newly developed storage system. The chief creative officer for Aston Martin, Marek Reichman, is believed to have engaged the services of naval architect Mulder to realize the project. The powerboat’s license agreement allows the Dutch-based Quintessence to design and create luxurious, high-performance craft with the help of the internationally-renowned Aston Martin.



The Aston Martin AM37S comes with an “ocellus teal –maritime” color, representing one of the primary personalization features from which owners can choose. This elegant color blends the latest trends with paint technology to create a subtle and attractive visual effect. Ocellus teal – maritime employs bold xyrallics and metallics, emphasizing the superboat’s shapes, lines, and overall design. Owners have the privilege of choosing a color of their choice from the Aston Martin color palette. The wide range of colors means that each AM37S can be customized to its owner’s individual requirements. Of course, there are several boat manufacturers who have created yachts with painted metallic finish in the past, but these have mostly utilized a standard and rather restricted set of colors. The ability to choose from the plethora of Aston Martin color range allows owners to develop a unique vessel that is exceptional from the rest.



The price tag on this luxury speedboat is enough to leave most people dumbfounded, if not dazed. From a brand that supplies James Bond cars, the luxury car maker revealed that their first nautical vessel will go for a jaw dropping $1.7 million. Note that there are two versions of this day-cruiser: the AM37 and the AM37S with a maximum speed of 50 knots. The future of the brand looks bright in its new endeavor, as it has expressed its desire to produce a series of powerboats over the next few years, which it promises to be as high tech and luxurious as its vehicles. Owners will control the boat using a tablet, and can even install apps to control the coffee machine, fridge, and even air conditioning while driving to the marina or from home. And there’s no need for keys, since the AM37S uses a fingerprint sensor.

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