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    2024 Oscar Red Carpet Highlights In Photos

    The 96th Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet did not disappoint. We start off with Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth. Chris is presenting the award for Best Animated Short Film tonight. David Alan Grier and Luisa Danbi Grier-Kim The Color Purple’s David Allen Grier and his daughter Eva Longoria Eva Longoria had an eye popping neckline […] More

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    Most Valuable Fashion Brands: Top 10 Global Leaders in 2023

    The fashion industry is one of the most profitable and dynamic industries in the world, with new trends and styles emerging every season. With the rise of social media and e-commerce, fashion brands are now more accessible than ever, and the competition to be the most valuable brand is fierce. In this article, we will […] More

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    Who Designed The Versace Logo?

    The luxury Italian brand Versace is known throughout the world for making extremely high-quality fashion goods that are typically extraordinarily large amounts of money, I mean we are talking like $800 dollars for a t-shirt expensive. The thing is, Versace can charge that much for their products because people will pay that much. Their name […] More

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    The 5 Most Expensive Givenchy Products of All-Time

    Givenchy is one of the most prolific fashion design houses in the world. High-end, upscale and absolutely stunning, the logo does not come without a hefty price tag. The French luxury line has been around since it was founded in 1952. Hubert de Givenchy knew he wanted to find a home for his designs, and […] More

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    The Most Expensive Custom Cufflinks in the World

    Some men regard cufflinks as useless or even absurd. They are generally small and hardly seen. So why spend good money on them? Because for others cufflinks are the ultimate men’s fashion accessory. They show sophistication, style, and at a higher price range, success and status. Cufflinks first became important in the 14th century when […] More

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    The Most Expensive Fendi Sunglasses

    Fendi is another luxury fashion brand that is one of the best within the entire industry. The company was founded way back in 1925 and offers shoes, fragrances, eye wear, watches, accessories as well as fur and leather goods. The company has made a ton of different sunglasses lines that are all well crafted and […] More

  • Prada Sunglasses

    How are the World’s Most Expensive Sunglasses Over $400,000?

    Saying sunglasses make you look cool is just a matter of fact. There are all different kinds of companies and styles out there for sunglasses. From the $5 dollar knock of Wayfarers to high-end sunglasses produced by fashion companies like Gucci and Prada, one can acquire sunglasses at nearly any price. However if you really […] More

  • Most Expensive Shoes

    The 10 Most Expensive Shoes In The World

    What Are The Most Expensive Shoes In The World? Shoes are usually something we all take for granted to some extent. One gets up in the morning and one of the first things that is completed is dressing. You are not really fully dressed unless you are wearing shoes. But there are only a few […] More

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    That $3 Million Fantasy Bra from the Victoria’s Secret Show

    Victoria’s Secret sponsored a fashion show that still has tongues wagging. The star of the show was hands down the three million dollar fantasy bra. For many, owning such a high end piece of lingerie wold be just that, a fantasy thanks to the price tag that places it firmly out of the reach of […] More

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    A Brief Look at the $81,500 Christopher PM Backpack from Louis Vuitton

    Everyone knows that luxury goods and clothing from leading fashion designers cost a lot of money; that isn’t news. But sometimes certain products can get unbelievably expensive. For example, the $81,500 dollar Christopher PM backpack from Louis Vuitton. Yes, that’s right, this backpack costs an incredible $81,500 dollars. The Christopher PM backpack is a versatile […] More

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    10 Things You’ve Definitely Done if You Own a Wearable Body Suit

    There’s always going to be some kind of crazy fashion out there.  That much we know.  What actually makes it into the main stream is another thing entirely.  Right now, however, there are some legit trends that are beyond my comprehension.  Why people wear pajamas as regular clothing disturbs me.  The entire concept of Normcore […] More

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