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  • Alvin Bragg

    How Much Does Alvin Bragg Make? NYC’s New DA’s Salary Revealed

      Alvin Bragg is a well-known American politician and lawyer from New York State who is currently serving as the New York County District Attorney. He has made headlines in recent times due to his progressive policies that have been at the center of public debate. One of the most frequently asked questions about Alvin […] More

  • Mitt Romney

    How Much Is Mitt Romney Worth In 2023?

    Businessman and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s net worth is $280 million. This makes him the richest person to ever run for U.S. Presidency. William Mitt Romney was born on March 12,1947 in Detroit, Michigan to auto executive, George Romney and Lenore Romney. He is the youngest of three children born to the couple. Up […] More

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    10 of the Most Fiscally Corrupt Politicians in History

    In politics, the word ‘corrupt’ generally refers to outside factors persuading a leader’s decision-making process. These outside factors often come in the form of bribes. When a police officer lets you out of a ticket for $100, that’s corruption. When a teacher boost the score on your final exam for $500, that is also corruption. […] More

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    The Five Richest World Leaders

    The various leaders of different nations are some of the most powerful people, and many of them are extremely wealthy. Depending on the country, their resources, and the leaders background some are obviously more wealthy than others. When we examine some of the wealthiest world leaders, many leaders from oil producing nations pop up, and […] More

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    Five Things You Didn’t Know about Chris Christie

    Chris Christie is the governor of New Jersey, and he has a net worth of $4 million. The Republican is considered one of the most well-known politicians in the country at the moment, which means most of his life is public knowledge. However, even with all this information made public, most people still don’t know […] More

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    The Richest Members of U.S. Congress

    People working for the United States government are respected and considered to be worth a lot. While we know their jobs give them a lot of power, there is never much front page news relating to how much these people make or what they are worth. It’s not cheap to organize and run a successful […] More

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    Why Dick Cheney Might Be Worth $90 Million

    Dick Cheney has a net worth of anywhere from $40 Million to $90 Million.  That’s a high number for any former politician, but certainly possible given his jobs before and after being in politics.  Not to mention public appearances, lectures, books, and thousands of other opportunities that a former Vice President would have.  Even so, […] More