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  • Fendi Fashion Week

    The 15 Biggest Luxury Brands in Fashion

    Luxury brands offer the top of the line products for their customers, and although they are significantly more expensive than the rest, the quality speaks for itself. These luxury companies have been around for ages and earned the status that they have built up after delivering great products for such a consistent length of time. […] More

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    The Most Amazing Celebrity Owned Hotels in the World

    Celebrities bring in so much money that they are always seeking out new properties to purchase or invest in. While movies, music, and other forms of media success can bring in millions, the celebrities need to use their money on something. Over the years plenty of celebrities have acquired and opened their own hotels.  Some of […] More

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    The Most Expensive Luxury Shower Curtains

    It should come as no surprise that people are willing to drop big money on just about anything, even shower curtains. Think about it, you have the budget to build or create a house to your liking right down to the little things, and if you’re making everything the highest quality possible it’s going to […] More

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    The Richest College Football Coaches of All-Time

    College coaches have been taking the world by storm and slowly climbing up the net worth totem pole. In recent years the salaries of these coaches has risen dramatically and those who can produce results have a chance to make some good money at a school. If you win championships, then you’ll see an even […] More

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    Luguna Beach Home is Listing for $75 Million

    California is always seeing different locations become huge real estate hot spots. There are so many niche coastline towns that secretly have houses on the market that fly under the radar. Laguna Beach has always been one of those hot spots that have some amazing homes built that comes with phenomenal properties. The latest home […] More

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    New Boeing 787 has unique Star Wars Livery

    The seventh Star-Wars movie is coming to theaters this holiday season and the return of the franchise has people extremely excited. Star-Wars is a classic series of films that many people are excited to see once again. This is the third trilogy installment that comes together for a nine film series. It’s no surprise that there […] More

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    New entry-level McLaren 540C Revealed in China

    McLaren makes some of the best super cars out of anyone in the market. Their past models such as the P1 and the F1 have been monsters on the track and eye catchers in public. The company’s latest project, called the 540C, was recently revealed in China. This car is a new addition to their […] More

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    Honda Unveils Its First Business Jet

    Honda is a company that gets recognized by most, if not all, people. They are one of the top car manufacturers in the world but have been seeking out other ways to branch into new industries. Now, the Japanese company has created its first private jet and will aim to target wealthy business flyers who […] More

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    Max Azria’s Los Angeles Mansion Is Listed For $85 Million

    Mansions are not a surprising thing to see in Los Angeles at all. In fact, there are plenty of mansions in the area, they just normally don’t go up for sale too often. Currently, a massive property called Maison du Soleil, is sitting on the market waiting for a new owner who is willing to […] More

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    The Limited 2016 Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Special Edition

    Aston Martin is one of the premiere car brands out there. The company is always building off of their previous models and making great cars that are well made with high performance and luxury. The company that represents James Bond has to be on top of their game in releasing new cars because there is a […] More

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    Take a Look at the New Four Seasons Hotel Private Jet

    Four Seasons has always been a dominant competitor in the hotel and hospitality industry. The company is known for their stunning properties that have great service in luxurious locations that make tons of memories. Now, they are entering the luxury flight industry with their new Four Seasons Hotel Private Jet. The plane has enough seats […] More

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    A D.C. House You Can Own for Just $22 Million

    Washington D.C. isn’t necessarily the first place to jump into one’s mind when thinking about the luxury real estate market. While every state has their wealthiest areas, normally people think New York, L.A., Miami before Washington D.C.. This house just went on the market and is one of the state’s hidden gems. The mansion is […] More

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