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    Five of The Best “Affordable” Private Jets

    Owning and operating a private jet is by no means inexpensive, as they are easily some of the most expensive vehicles to own. Between the initial purchase of the actual jet, paying for it to be stored in a hanger, and all the various costs associated with operating the vehicle, having a private jet becomes a […] More

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    Five of The Best High-End Private Jets Out There

    Forget Rolls-Royce’s or Sunseeker superyachts, the most premium luxury vehicle that one can own is definitely a private jet. The freedom of having a vehicle that can take you anywhere on the planet is truly luxury living at its finest. Private jets are outfitted today with a range of premium features and amenities that essentially make […] More

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    Peugeot Teams Up With Airbus To Design The H160 Helicopter

    It is not very often that automobile brands team up with aviation companies to produce a helicopter, however that is exactly what has happened with Peugeot and Airbus. Peugeot, the French automobile company has recently provided some designs for Airbus which have been used to produced the H160 helicopter. It’s sleek, futuristic looking, and poised […] More

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    The Top Five Mooney Aircraft for Sale Today

    Legendary aircraft makers Mooney Aviation was started in 1929 in Wichita, Kansas by brothers Arthur and Albert Mooney.  Since that time the company have been the creators and craftsmen of some of the most prolific aircraft ever to take to the skies. In 1964 Mooney released the M22 Mustang, which was the first piston powered, […] More

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    What It’s Like to Be Aboard a $117,000 Per-Seat Four Seasons Jet

    Many of us are trying to find the best deal on all our flights.  Even the wealthy get annoyed when a ticket that costs $500 should have really cost them $300.  But when you have unlimited funds, would you ever in your wildest dreams spend six figures on a flight?  No, not even five figures.  […] More

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    Here’s What it Looks Like Inside a Billionaire’s Private Jet

    Many people dream of owning a private jet, but only a select few can actually realistically afford to own and buy one. If they were cheap, everyone would have them, but a private jet is far from “inexpensive”. The sheer cost to purchase, store, maintain, and operate a private jet is absurdly high. You effectively […] More

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