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    25 Ways to Single Out an American Anywhere in the World

    Before an American traveler even opens his or her mouth, chances are everyone around them already knows where they came from. (Not to mention where they went to school, their mothers’ names, and probably even all their current travel plans.) There are tell-tale signs in their mannerisms, their habits, what shocks them, and often it’s even written all over […] More

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    25 Things You Never Knew About Some Popular Movies

    So much behind-the-scenes stuff goes into making blockbuster movies—so much that the average movie-goer will never know about. There are secret movie-making techniques, interesting casting changes, and even on-set accidents that don’t get widely publicized. While the end result is really what you’re after, your favorite movies are also hiding secrets, Easter eggs, and unknown […] More

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    10 U.S. States People are Leaving and Where They’re Going Instead

    Just released, the 42nd Annual National Movers Study performed by moving company United Van Lines shows that Americans are on the move and to specific parts of the country. The survey tracked their own customers’ moving patterns for the 2018 year and it reveals a lot about the state of our states. Overall, the study […] More

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    The 25 Highest-Paid Athletes of All Time and What They’ve Earned

    Professional athletes are earning more now than ever before—a combined $19.4 billion from just the top twenty-five. Much of it is directly related to their sports, sure, but a lot of it rests on product and brand endorsements. Much of the “extra” money to be made in sports can be attributed to the front runner […] More

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    The 25 Dog Breeds That Live The Longest

    Now, it should be known that while Bluey’s age is pretty impressive, it’s not typical of all dogs. The average age for a domestic, purebred dog is between 10-13 years, though some breeds of man’s best friend get much closer to Bluey than others. Some breeds have fewer health issues and some are less susceptible […] More

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    How To Fix Your Credit And Start Getting What You Want!

    Circumstances in life often take us by surprise. For the most part, time heals, but after a financial disaster hits, the aftershocks can be felt for a long time coming. When debt gets out of control, your business fails, or poor financial decisions send your credit score plummeting, things that were once simple like buying […] More

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    The 15 Biggest Luxury Brands in Fashion

    Luxury brands offer the top of the line products for their customers, and although they are significantly more expensive than the rest, the quality speaks for itself. These luxury companies have been around for ages and earned the status that they have built up after delivering great products for such a consistent length of time. […] More

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    The Obama’s Last Christmas at the White House

    For those of us who love decorating for Christmas, we eagerly anticipate viewing the decor that is specially designed for Christmas at the White House. This year the White House’s Christmas decor is truly fabulous. Michelle Obama wanted to make this year’s Christmas theme, The Gift of the Holidays, and decor quite memorable. When viewing […] More

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    Want to Sleep In an Underwater Room Surrounded by Sharks For Free?

    When you went to sleep last night I’m pretty sure the last thing you were thinking was, “you know what?  this experience would have been 100 times better if I were surrounded by sharks.”  But for the short list of you out there who actually did think this exact thing, then you’re in luck.   Right […] More

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    The Sport of Kings Offers Special Access to Special Fans

    As the Sport of Kings joins the trend of providing dedicated high-end hospitality for fans seeking a special, more memorable onsite experience, decided to take a look at how the Belmont Stakes and hospitality provider QuintEvents introduced the program this June for the third leg of thoroughbred horse racing’s iconic Triple Crown. The Kentucky […] More

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