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    A Chinese Company Known as Ehang Plans To Create a Drone You Can Fly In

    As drones (also known quadcopters) have grown increasingly popular in recent years, it was only a matter of time before someone built one that you can actually ride in. A Chinese company called Ehang reveled at the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas that they are currently developing a prototype drone that can carry […] More

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    InfinityPV’s HeLi-on is World’s Most Compact Solar Charger

    We’ve all been in situations where our cellphone battery dies, and it’s usually quite annoying. Now there are also some occasions where your phone runs out of battery, but an outlet…or any form of electricity is nowhere to be found. Hoping to tackle this problem is the HeLi-on, a compact solar charger from the company […] More

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    Givori Releases a $31,137 Apple iPhone 6S

    We all like to customize our phones with cool cases to make them unique, but how much would you spend for a device or a case? Well the company known as Givori, a luxury cellphone customizer, have recently unveiled a decked out Apple iPhone 6S. It’s called the Calypso Diamond Limited Edition iPhone 6S and […] More

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    Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review

    Apple introduced the original iPhone back in 2007, and every year since they have released a newer model. While other smartphone manufacturers like to make more drastic changes when it comes to their new phones, Apple likes to incorporate a long, evolutionary process into their product line. This strategy is often criticized as many feel […] More

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    You Can Already Pre-Order a Gold and Diamond iPhone 6s

    Apple is gearing up to launch their next iPhone and anticipation mounts around the world. They typically release a new iPhone sometime during the fall, and we expect Apple to release the new iPhone sometime in September. It will most likely be an “s” update, where the design remains the same but the phone has […] More

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    What Can We Expect From The Next iPhone?

    It’s about that time of year that we can start gearing up for the launch of the next iPhone. Apple, like all other smartphone manufacturers, releases a new device at least once a year. Based on the current iPhone 6’s lifespan and when Apple usually launches a new phone, it’s safe to say that we […] More

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    This is What a $19,000 Smartphone Looks Like

    Here in America, we often take for granted just how much our smartphones actually cost. While most cell phone carriers offer the newest flagship devices at around $199, that’s not how much the really cost. Phones are only $199 because you sign a 2-year contract with a company agreeing to pay off the remaining price […] More

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    The 5 Best Smartphones Out Right Now

    It seems like a new smartphone is released every couple of months, so it can often be overwhelming when making a decision on which one to purchase. A new phone becomes quickly outdated the moment you buy it, but that’s just the way technology is. Something faster, smaller, and better is always just around the […] More

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    The Best Samsung Products That Are Out Right Now

    The South Korean conglomerate known as Samsung is a massive corporation that produces, designs, and sells a variety of different consumer goods. The company was originally founded back in 1938, and they remain to be one of the largest and most influential companies around today. While Samsung is best known for their smartphones, they produce a […] More

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    Got $200,000? Jetpacks Are Coming Sooner Than You Think

    At the beginning of Disney’s new film Tomorrowland, which opened in theaters last month, George Clooney’s character, Frank Walker (at this point in the film, a young boy, played by Thomas Robinson), is able to travel to the titular world of Tomorrowland and finally get the jetpack he has been working for so long to actually work. Frank […] More

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