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  • Wei Long Veyron

    The Top 10 Bugatti Veyron Models of All-Time

    Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, the Bugatti Veyron is the fastest street-legal production car in the entire world. For many, the Veyron is the ultimate supercar: it’s blistering fast, extremely luxurious, expensive, and it looks really good. Developed by Volkswagen and produced by Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. in France, the Veyron has been […] More

  • Aston Martin DB5

    The Five Most Important Aston Martins of All-Time

    Aston Martin is a legendary British car manufacturer that has produced arguably some of the best vehicles of all-time. They are one of the few brands that eloquently combine luxury with high-performance, and were really the company that popularized the class of vehicles known as the grand tourer. The brand has a rich history producing automobiles […] More

  • Athletes that sued their organizations - alex rodriguez

    20 Athletes Who Sued Their Organizations

    Professional athletes have some of the best jobs in the world. While it’s hard work, they get paid large sums of money to play the sport that they love. However every now and then, things can go wrong. A player could get upset with a specific rule or be banned for something that they didn’t […] More

  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class

    The 10 Best Affordable Luxury Cars That Are Actually Worth Owning

    Typically speaking, the words “luxury” and “affordable” aren’t usually used to describe the same thing as luxury products almost always cost more. However in the automobile industry their is a highly competitive sub-segment/market of affordable luxury vehicles. That is to say cars that offer solid levels of performance, features, and comfort while at the same time […] More

  • Suvretta House St. Moritz

    Five of The Most Expensive Ski Resorts in The World

    Skiing and various other winter sports are a great way to keep yourself occupied during the colder months of the year. And if you want to ski in style and truly have the full experience, then a ski resort is obviously the best place to make it happen. Like beach resorts, prestigious ski resorts offer […] More

  • Star Wars Kids Bed
    in ,

    Is This $4,000 Star Wars Kids Bed Too Expensive?

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens might just easily be one of the most hyped-up movies that we are still waiting on to be released. It’s been about a decade since we’ve seen the last release of a Star Wars film, one that received mixed-reviews. As fans of the series prepare themselves around the world, we are already […] More

  • The Richest People in Europe - Liliane Bettencourt

    20 of the Richest People in Europe

    While the United States may be the country that has the largest concentration of millionaires and billionaires, there are plenty in Europe as well. When you look at all of the European countries, there are actually a good amount of extremely wealthy individuals. So who are these wealthy Europeans? Where do they come from, and […] More

  • Most Expenisve Bottled Water 4

    World’s “Most Expensive Bottled Water” Costs $100,000 Per Bottle

    We all know just how absurd things in the luxury industry can get. From the watches that cost $200,000 dollars to limited-edition exotic cars, “luxury” consumer goods can often get quite expensive. Typically these products offer some sort of advantage or added value that you cannot get elsewhere. But other times, these luxury goods are expensive […] More

  • Laucala Hilltop Estate

    The Five Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World

    There are plenty amazing suites located in luxury hotels all across the world. For people that demand the highest levels of comfort and luxury, hotel suites are an easy choice. Depending on the hotel that you stay in, their most expensive suites are typically expansive and have multiple rooms. Many of the best suites at […] More

  • in

    The Five Most Expensive Music Albums Ever Sold at Auction

    Over the years we see rare, historical, and limited edition albums sell for extremely high amounts of money. The albums that sell for these high costs typically always have some sort of unique thing about them that makes them cost so much. Collectors flock to rare vinyls, as they are typically perceived to be an […] More

  • $1,000 Ice Cream Sundae Serendipity 3

    Here’s Where You Can Enjoy a $1,000 Ice Cream Sundae In Vegas

    Anyone that has been to Las Vegas knows that they like to do everything over-the-top there, and that includes food. Las Vegas is home to many amazing, expensive, and unique restaurants that like to serve up some very interesting dishes. So what if you wanted to spend $1,000 dollars on a single dessert item, would […] More

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