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    10 Most Expensive Baseball Bats Ever Sold at Auction

    Major League Baseball is the American sport. While there are different items from different games that have sold at auction for millions and millions of dollars, it’s not typically bats you see all that often. For one, they don’t always hold up well. It’s easy to break them. Secondly, it’s the balls and jerseys from […] More

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    20 Things You Didn’t Know about Klay Thompson

    Klay Thompson is a professional basketball player who has become one of the best shooting guards in the NBA. Klay comes from an extremely athletic family playing sports throughout his childhood. He went on to star on the Washington State University basketball team for several seasons before moving on to the NBA. His father is […] More

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    The 5 Best Knob Creek Bourbons You Can Buy

    When I think of bourbon, I immediately think of Knob Creek – and warm feelings. I tend to think of things like a white Christmas when I can curl up by the fireplace and sip a glass of warm, fragrant bourbon while the kids sleep soundly in their beds and my husband and I enjoy […] More

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    15 Most Expensive Golf Courses In The World

    Golf courses all over the world are famed for many reasons. Some have the most difficult holes, others have beautiful views, and some have famous names. The truth is that no two golf courses are the same, and no two golfers will feel the same way about a particular course. What is certain about golf […] More

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    Adam Richman Net Worth

    How Much Is Adam Richman Worth? Adam Richman is a Brooklyn-born television host, actor and sushi chef with an estimated net worth of $8 million. He’s best known for his role as host on the Travel Channel’s hit show Man v. Food and its spinoffs, Man v. Food Nation, Amazing Eats and Adam Richman’s Best […] More

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    The 10 Most Expensive Cars Owned by Celebrities

    One of the biggest celebrity perks is the ability to afford the most luxurious, most high-end, most coveted cars in the world. When you have a bottomless bank account, you can afford anything you want, from the world’s most expensive homes to the most expensive cars money can buy. And most celebrities do purchase over-the-top […] More

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    Five Luxury Experiences You Can Only Do in Las Vegas

    Being exorbitantly wealthy does come with a long list of perks. Aside from the obvious things like never worrying about your financial situation, being wealthy means you get to travel the world and experience the most luxe things in every city. Las Vegas is a particularly luxe city with a long list of experiences that […] More

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    Five of the Richest Russian Billionaires

    Being a billionaire in Russia is a tough job, and we have the facts to prove it. For one, the wealthiest billionaire in Russia as of today is the seventh in the past decade to claim the top spot. We can pull out our internal optimists and think that it’s nice so many men and […] More

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    The Most Expensive Derek Jeter Memorabilia of All-Time

    Derek Jeter played his final game at Yankee Stadium in 2014, and it was an emotional night for all that were in the stands and on the field. The Yankee’s short stop has played the position on the team for 20 seasons, and making the decision to retire was one that was not all that […] More

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    The 5 Richest Celebrity Fitness Trainers

    It seems that it’s not fair someone has an amazing body and an even more impressive bank account, but that’s exactly what you get when you’re one of the richest celebrity fitness trainers in the world. The price celebs pay to look as good as they do isn’t inexpensive, and these trainers aren’t going easy […] More

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    The Five Most Expensive Hotels in Switzerland

    Switzerland is known for being vastly upscale, yet one of the simplest countries in the world. The Swiss are so friendly, and they are so kind. They also have amazing taste, realizing something that many people across the world have failed to realize; natural beauty is far more impressive than the kind that’s manmade. You […] More

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