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    Work Hard, Play Hard: Five Tips on Staying Wealthy

    Being wealthy is the dream of many and while money isn’t everything, it sure helps. The ultimate goal of become rich for most is to be able to enjoy their retirement. There is no sure-fire way to get rich quick but with determination and adaptation anyone can become wealthy to the point where money is […] More

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    The 10 Most Funded GoFundMe Campaigns of 2016

    You see it all the time on Facebook, Instagram and other forms of social media. People are always looking for a way to raise money for some cause or another, and it’s a great way to do it. It’s for the families of those taken too soon, those who are sick and in need of […] More

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    10 Gaming Companies to Watch Out for in 2016

    As video games are a form of technology, they only get better each and every single year. With continual advancements in both the hardware and software end of things, video games, consoles, and other systems are reaching all new heights in terms their capabilities, performance, and features. So which companies are ones that you should keep […] More

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    The CODE2040 Residency Continues to Empower Black and Latino Entrepreneurs (Sponsored)

    2040 will be the year in which the U.S. reaches “Minority Majority” in the United States. In the spirit of our diverse future, Google for Entrepreneurs is sponsoring a series of startups founded by African-American and Latino founders through the CODE2040 Residency project. CODE2040 is partnering with tech hubs across the nation in Austin, Chicago, […] More

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    Boston Based Barstool Sports Acquired For As Much As $15 Million

    In possibly the most electric acquisition announcement in Internet history, founder Dave Portnoy announced that The Chernin Group has acquire Boston based Barstool Sports. Barstool was founded in 2005, when Portnoy quit his job and committed to publishing a gambling newspaper and delivering it throughout Boston in his Astrovan. Along with publishing the newspaper, he […] More

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    20 Things McDonald’s Doesn’t Want You To Know

    McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the entire world. When it comes to quick, easy, and cheap food McDonald’s is the go to spot for countless hungry consumers. Although eating at fast food chains is a great way to save time and money, there are constantly new studies and reports […] More

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    Draft Kings: A Rise to the Top of the Fantasy Sports World

    Over the last few months you may have heard the name Draft Kings repeated in the newspapers and on TV.  If you live in Nevada, you might have heard it a little more; something or other about a ruckus between gaming authorities and fantasy sports leagues?  Well, it’s time to clear up any mysteries or […] More

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    Five of The Largest U.S. Monopolies in History

    Throughout the history of business and commerce as a whole, there have always been monopolies in some form or another. A monopoly pretty much boils down to one single player in a specific industry, where consumers can only buy from that company, and that company dominates the market as they face pretty much no competition. […] More

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    10 of the Largest Arms Manufacturing Companies Worldwide

    The weapons and arms industry is one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the entire world. The cost of producing a single fighter jet, for example, is astronomically high, and the companies that can secure government contracts to produce, say 1,000 jet fighters, make a good bit of money. There are a wide […] More

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    Surprising Salaries for the World’s Most Dangerous Jobs

    Is it worth risking your life when you can barely pay the bills?  Imagine going out there every single day knowing that death is staring you in the face but each time you get a paycheck you could be putting yourself into debt.  That’s what it’s like for people who work at extremely dangerous jobs. […] More

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