Want to Sleep In an Underwater Room Surrounded by Sharks For Free?


When you went to sleep last night I’m pretty sure the last thing you were thinking was, “you know what?  this experience would have been 100 times better if I were surrounded by sharks.”  But for the short list of you out there who actually did think this exact thing, then you’re in luck.   Right now Airbnb is offering you the chance to sleep inside an aquarium located in France.   Their sweepstakes allows you to win a night “in an underwater bedroom, where the only thing separating you from your neighbors is the 360-degree transparent wall.”

I’m not sure about you guys but I think I’ll pass.  And what would something like this normally cost?  We’ve actually reached out to Airbnb and are 100% we’ll never get an answer.  What’s amazing is that things like this do not come cheap.  Often experiences like swimming with sharks or being surrounding by alligators in a glass encasing can run people over $1000.   Frankly I’m happy at home with my boring duvet cover that reminds me of sleeping in a hotel room.   And one more thing:

At what point is Airbnb going out of business?  It seems that every single time they stretch the bar they decide to stretch it a little further.  Call me crazy but it’s going to be a matter of time before people are renting out pods on the moon through Airbnb’s services.  If any of you actually win this (and survive) please report your experiences to us.   This has got to be the most liable company on the planet.