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  • Restoration Hardware

    10 Of The Most High End Furniture Brands in the World

    After new homeowners finally purchase their house, they have to go through the arduous process of furnishing their new living space. For those moving into mansions or sophisticated New York apartments, you obviously want high-quality, luxury furniture. There are many furniture brands out there, but only a few cater to those seeking the best and […] More

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    The Most Expensive Desserts of All-Time

    Everyone loves desert, some more than others. But how much would you be willing to pay for a desert item? $10, $50, how about $1.4 million dollars. It is astonishing to think that cakes and chocolates can get that expensive, but apparently they do. There has been a recent trend of “pastry-art” where pastry chefs […] More

  • Versace logo

    Who Designed The Versace Logo?

    The luxury Italian brand Versace is known throughout the world for making extremely high-quality fashion goods that are typically extraordinarily large amounts of money, I mean we are talking like $800 dollars for a t-shirt expensive. The thing is, Versace can charge that much for their products because people will pay that much. Their name […] More

  • Bern

    The 10 Best Luxury Towns In Switzerland

    Switzerland is arguably one of the most beautiful countries not only in Europe, but the entire world. This mountainous nation is home to the beautiful Alps, modern and progressive cities filled with culture, beautiful lakes, and of course, all things luxury. Switzerland is known for their luxury goods and lifestyle, which is one of the […] More

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    How Can You Get A Cheap Versace Necklace?

    When considering jewelry from a high-end designer such as Versace, Gucci, or Tiffany’s for example, one can expect that you will be spending a lot of money. Typically jewelry from these companies use premium materials, are handmade, and have the brand name of the company. Since the brands of these companies are worth so much, […] More

  • The Top Five Caviar in the world

    What Is The Most Expensive Caviar?

    Caviar is a prized delicacy of cured and salted fish-eggs from various fish, typically sturgeon. It comes in a variety of different flavors and colors, and some are pasteurized while other are not. You can eat it straight or put it on a multitude of different things. Caviar certainly isn’t the most accessible food that’s […] More

  • 1804 silver dollar

    A Dollar That’s Actually Worth $2 Million

    Collecting valuable coins is a hobby that is enjoyed by many people. Rare and exotic coins, that are typically old, are often worth large sums of money. Collectors often spend many years trying to track down rare coins that would complete or fit in with their current collection. It is strange to think that some […] More

  • Cigarette Racing 41 SD GT3 Mercedes-AMG 2

    Check Out The Mercedes-AMG GT3 Inspired Cigarette Racing Boat

    The Cigarette Racing Team has recently unveiled their newest vessel, and it’s an impressive speed boat that they have produced in a partnership with Mercedes-AMG. Dubbed the 41′ SD GT3, this high-end racing machine is directly inspired from the impressive Mercedes-AMG GT3 racing car. This marks the sixth year in a row now that these […] More

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    The 10 Most Iconic Musical Instrument Brands of All-Time

    There are virtually countless musical instrument brands out there. They range from massive companies, to niche manufacturers that only produce a few products each year. Despite that massive amount of companies and brands that are out there, a few have managed to position themselves as icons. These brands are timeless, and will always be respected […] More

  • in

    10 Musicians Who Have Insane Pre-Show Demands

    Once you make it big as a musician and are sell-out arena concerts, you can come to expect a certain amount of luxury that comes with this lifestyle. All the big artists are put up in expansive backstage suites that have dressing rooms, private showers, and much more. These artists also have access to the […] More

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    The Most Expensive Movie Props Ever Sold at Auction

    Movie props are desirable items for collectors and fans alike, and depending on the film, they can effectively purchase a piece of movie history. Out of the various items that are sold at auctions, props from prominent films always rank very high in terms of the most expensive things that one can buy at an […] More

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    20 Celebrity Purchases that are Beyond Ridiculous

    Rich and famous celebrities have the means to purchase some truly incredible things that most people often dream of, especially the A-listers. Once you enter into a certain tax bracket many things suddenly become very affordable and you might find yourself saying “I should buy this” to items that you wouldn’t have normally purchased. Some […] More

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