10 Styles That Age You and 10 That Keep You Young


Our sense of style and perception of ourselves are reflected in fashion, which is a canvas on which we can express ourselves. However, the choices we make can influence how others perceive our age. Here’s a list of fashion elements that can make you appear more mature or strikingly youthful, and how these choices sculpt our image.

Fashion Choices That Make You Look Old

Outdated Prints


Clinging to prints from past decades might not just show your vintage love but also prematurely age you. These patterns often lack the freshness and vibrancy of current styles, casting a dated shadow over your overall appearance.

Dark, Solid Colors


While they are timeless, overly relying on dark, solid colors can add years to your look. They lack the playfulness and energy of youthful styles, making your outfits seem somber.

Oversized Clothing


Choosing garments that don’t fit properly can make you look older and out of touch. Oversized clothing often obscures your body’s silhouette, suggesting a disregard for modern style nuances.

Heavy Traditional Jewelry


Large, ornate jewelry pieces are not just physically heavy but also stylistically. They can overpower your outfit and make your style look stagnant and aged.

Too Much Layering


Layering multiple pieces can easily tip from trendy to cluttered, which ages your look. It suggests a lack of discernment in style choices, favoring warmth or comfort over fashion.

Turtlenecks Under Dresses

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While practical in cold weather, this combination looks conservative and old-fashioned. It doesn’t have the same level of originality as more contemporary design options. Additionally, it may give off an overly structured and rigid vibe, often associated with older styling preferences.

Shirt Buttoned All the Way Up

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A fully buttoned shirt can appear overly formal and stiff, aging the wearer by projecting an ultra-conservative image. This style minimizes any sense of casual or modern flair, which can be essential for a youthful appearance.

Pearl Necklaces


Although pearls are classic, they can sometimes reinforce a mature, dated look rather than a fresh and youthful vibe. When overused, they can seem predictable and lack the innovation seen in contemporary jewelry choices.

Brooches and Large Pins


Once a staple of every wardrobe, these accessories now tend to give off an old-school feel, especially if they’re traditional in design and large in size. They may not resonate with younger audiences who prefer minimalist or more modern designs.

Boxy, Short-Sleeve Blouses


These can make you look outdated as they don’t flatter the body shape and often come in styles that echo past decades. Their stiff, unyielding shapes lack the dynamism and movement associated with younger, fresher fashion.

Fashion Choices That Make You Look Young

Playful Accessories


Adding whimsical elements like fun bags or quirky sunglasses instantly injects youthfulness into your outfit, reflecting a spirited and current look. These accessories can divert attention from aging features, adding a playful and vibrant edge to your style.

Layered Necklaces

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Piling on multiple necklaces of varying lengths can create a trendy and youthful focal point, suggesting a free-spirited approach to fashion. This layering effect can add depth to your outfit and showcase a keen sense of current fashion trends.

Sneakers With Dresses

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Pairing comfortable, stylish sneakers with dresses breaks traditional style rules and radiates a youthful, carefree vibe. Combining these unexpected elements can enliven and energize one’s style.

Denim Jackets


A classic denim jacket suggests a relaxed, youthful approach to everyday style, effortlessly bridging casual and chic. Denim’s versatility allows it to pair well with almost anything, making it a youthful staple in any wardrobe.

Graphic Tees

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Sporting a graphic tee showcases your interests and keeps your look grounded in modern pop culture, making it inherently youthful. Graphic tees can serve as conversation starters and express personality vividly.

Ankle Boots

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These shoes are versatile, edgy yet elegant, always trendy, and contribute to a youthful appearance. Ankle boots can elevate a simple outfit without sacrificing comfort, striking a perfect balance between youthful allure and sophistication.

Midi Skirts


These skirts strike the perfect balance between playful and professional, offering a youthful silhouette that’s fashionable for any age. They provide a modern twist on classic femininity, making them a youthful choice for various occasions.

Bold Belts

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Bold belts define your silhouette and add a pop of personality to your attire, whether through a neon color or an intricate buckle. Adding them to an outfit makes it seem as though you’re aware of the latest fashion trends.

Statement Sneakers


Bright colors and unique designs in footwear are a straightforward way to maintain a youthful, energetic look. Statement sneakers are comfortable and reflect a lively, contemporary fashion sense.

Soft, Layered Haircuts

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These hairstyles frame the face beautifully and can soften features, which naturally enhances a youthful appearance. A layering technique can give the hair more volume and movement, creating a more vibrant and dynamic look.

Written by Devin J