15 Best Eyeshadow Shades to Complement Grey Hair

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Grey hair symbolizes the elegance and wisdom you have accumulated throughout a lifetime. Finding the ideal eye makeup hue to complement it may make all the difference. We’ve compiled a list of colors that will complement grey hair.


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Taupe’s delicate grace, being subtle, goes well with grey hair. Apply it all over your lids for a classic, chic appearance. It will accentuate your inherent beauty by drawing attention to your eyes.



The natural richness of grey locks is magnified and given an additional dimension by mauve. If a delicate, romantic look is what you are going for, this one can do wonders when blended into the crease.

Slate Gray

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This chilly tone will complement the coolness of your hair. Slate grey offers a contemporary touch, giving your eye makeup more depth and intensity without sacrificing the elegance and refinement of your crown.


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When it comes to adding flare to your look, plum is a great choice. Its rich, deep color contrasts well with grey hair, creating a dramatic style that everyone will notice.

Soft Pink

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Add a hint of soft pink to brighten your eyes and impart a youthful glow. This delicate shade complements gray hair, imparting a fresh and feminine appearance.


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Imbue your look with warmth and radiance by incorporating copper into your eye makeup routine. It won’t only give you a touch of glamour, but that stunning contrast is sure to turn heads.


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You can get that smoldering, smokey effect with charcoal. It gives grey hair more richness and intensity, which makes it ideal for wear during the night.


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Bronze is not just to give your skin that sunkissed glow. It can illuminate your eyes. Those warm undertones show off your tresses and give your complexion radiance.



This gentle and ethereal color has the power to jazz up eye makeup. The soft, muted tones of lavender can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall look, enhancing the natural beauty of grey hair.

Navy Blue

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Nothing makes a statement like navy blue! This deep, mysterious hue works effortlessly with the gray, creating a captivating look that exudes confidence and sophistication.


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No party is complete without a glass of Champagne or, in this case, a dash. Choose this elegant shimmer for a pop of sparkle to get a radiant, opulent look suited for special events.

Olive Green

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Although mostly overlooked, olive green’s understated charm adds a hint of rustic refinement. Its inherent warmth goes well with grey hair, making you look effortlessly stylish.


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Throw a little peach on your lid to emphasize a soft, feminine appeal. This mellow shade gives your look a whimsical touch that is both youthful and fresh.


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Accept your grey hair and its glistening silver splendor with even more silver. This glimmering tint will let your eyes truly sparkle timelessly.



With gold eyeshadow, the warm tones of the eyes are illuminated, and the coolness of grey hair is contrasted beautifully, creating a harmonious overall look. Gold can also help to brighten and lift the eyes, making them appear more awake and vibrant.

Written by Lucas M