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    Choosing the Right Wireless Beats Headphones For You

    Beats by Dre, are a headphone company that produces a variety of high-end headphones and speaker systems. The company was founded in 2006 by legendary hip-hop artist and producer Dr. Dre and producer Jimmy Lovine. Their goal was to make headphones that would capture the essence and the “true sound” of music, as they felt […] More

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    Check Out the $200 PowerBeats 2 by Dre Earbuds

    Beats by Dre, as I am sure you probably know, is an extremely popular manufacturer of  “high-end” headphones, earbuds, and wireless speakers. The company produces a wide range of audio devices and they typically have a large price tag on them. The company got started when the teamed up with rapper Dr. Dre, where they […] More

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    The Most Popular Beats by Dre Commercials of 2014

    Beats by Dre are headphones produced by Beats Electronics. They are an audio and electronic company that primarily concerns themselves with the product of “high end” headphones and speakers for consumers. Beats got its start in California when rapper, businessman, and producer Dr. Dre teamed up with Interscope Geffen A&M’s chairman Jimmy Lovine; forming together […] More