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  • 10 of the Most Luxurious Things To Do in Boston

    10 of the Most Luxurious Things To Do in Boston

    Between its rich history, great assortment of schools, its love of sports, and its just general passion for itself, Boston is a great place to visit. Serving as the unofficial capital of New England and as one of the oldest cities in America, Boston has a lot to offer travelers, including those that appreciate the […] More

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    The Absolutely Crazy Lazareth LM847 Motorcycle Features A V8 Maserati Engine

    Have you ever looked at high-end sport bikes and felt that they weren’t “extreme” enough? Well then take a look at Ludovic Lazareth’s latest creation, the LM847. Unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show this motorcycle is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and it’s probably the craziest motorcycle out there. Why? Well not only […] More

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    The $12,800 Dollar “Perfect Pencil” From Graf von Faber-Castell

    The humble pencil may just be the worlds simplest writing instrument, however that doesn’t mean that all pencils are created equally. As is the case with all consumer goods, there are companies out there that sell “luxury” pencils, and they cost a bit more than your average pencil. How much you ask? Well the Perfect […] More

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    A Brief Look at the $81,500 Christopher PM Backpack from Louis Vuitton

    Everyone knows that luxury goods and clothing from leading fashion designers cost a lot of money; that isn’t news. But sometimes certain products can get unbelievably expensive. For example, the $81,500 dollar Christopher PM backpack from Louis Vuitton. Yes, that’s right, this backpack costs an incredible $81,500 dollars. The Christopher PM backpack is a versatile […] More

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    Sony’s PlayStation VR Headset Is Coming This October

    It seems as though 2016 is the year for virtual reality, as yet another headset is set to launch: the Sony PlayStation VR. This will be Sony’s first attempt at a PlayStation compatible VR headset, and it looks pretty appealing especially if you already own a PlayStation 4. Sony originally unveiled plans and a prototype […] More

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    The 10 Most Exclusive Private Island Getaways in the World

    Most people work for a living and a couple of times a year, they wish to “get away from it all”.  Usually, that means a vacation in a beautiful setting where someone else takes care of the daily chores and one is left to relax and enjoy themselves. But some people really know how to […] More

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    A Rare UK Stamp Has Been Sold For Over $700,000

    An incredibly rare stamp from the United Kingdom has recently been sold for over $700,000 dollars. According to philatelists (those who study stamps), this stamp is not only one of the rarest ones in the world, it’s apparently the second most expensive stamp ever to be sold in all of the United Kingdom. The stamp in […] More

  • Nike_HyperAdapt_1.0_original

    Nike Unveils Their First Self-Lacing Sneaker: The HyperAdapt 1.0

    Ever since we saw Marty McFly wear the self-tying Nike Mag sneakers in Back to The Future II, it’s been something that many sneaker fans have long waited for. We now have autonomous cars in 2016, so why not autonomous sneakers? Well now it seems like we can finally live that dream of not tying our sneakers ourselves, […] More

  • Nixon The Mission Android Wear 3

    Nixon Delivers “World’s First Action Sports” Smartwatch, And It Looks Amazing

    Smartwatches are no longer just a niche product or a “fad”, as many naysayers have said, as we’re seeing a massive influx of new wearables. Almost every major technology company and many watch brands are now offering some form of a smartwatch, and Nixon has recently launched a completely new product. It’s called “The Mission” […] More

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    St. Regis Dubai Unveils The $20,420 Per Night “Imperial Suite”

    We are all probably familiar by now with just how luxurious and over-the-top everything in Dubai is, at least that’s what it seems like. From the man-made islands and the indoor ski resort to the parking lots filled with Ferrari’s, Dubai seems like a dream. Well this extravagance is also felt when you stay within […] More

  • Nike Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit Low

    Nike Debuts Tonal Models of The Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit Low

    The Air Force 1 are easily some of the most iconic sneakers from Nike, and they’ve proven to be able to stand the tests of time. Nike has recently been updating their offerings by adding their patented Flyknit material into existing sneaker silhouettes. They’ve already given the Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit Low the Flyknit […] More

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