The Most Expensive Breitling Watches of All-Time

Breitling SA is a company that produces a variety of high-end chronograph watches. Their watches are well known for being intricate, high-quality, luxurious, and expensive. The privately owned company was founded in Grenchen, Switzerland back in 1884. All of their watches are made in Switzerland, which we all know is the home to some of the best watches in the world. Their watches are known to be popular amongst aviation and scuba diving enthusiasts, however they make watches of all different kinds. Since they are such a well known and well respected brand, we are going to look at the most expensive watches that Breitling has ever produced of all time.

9. The Bentley Flying B No.3 – $32,300

Coming it at number ten of the all time most expensive Breitling watches is the Bentley Flying B No.3 watch. Breitling has made a few watches for Bentley and this happens to be the least expensive one at $32,300 dollars. The case of the watch is made from 18 karat gold, and can come with either a gold or leather band. The Bentley Flying No.3 also has an amber dial on the watch and a premium curved sapphire crystal display with added glare-reduction technology. Sapphire crystal is extremely strong a resilient so you will not have to worry about it scratching. Additionally the phone is waterproof and can be taken to depths up too 328 feet. The watch displays the calender and is an automatic watch.

8. The Chronomat 41 – $34,950

Taking the number nine spot on our list is the Chronomat 41 from Breitling with a price of $34,950. This beautiful timepiece is more a modern mens watch. The watch itself is made from 18 karat white gold, as Breitling makes most of their watches out of premium materials. This chronograph watch is pretty advanced as it has 70 hours of reserve power. The watch has incredible pearl dials and diamonds to mark the hour that are encased in the watches sapphire glass. The watch is also self-winding and is perfect for divers as it is waterproof up to 985 feet.

 7. The Breitling Mark VI Complications 29 – $65,200

The next watch on our list is the beautiful Breitling Mark VI Complications 29. This watch gives the user a classic feel with modern features. The watch is made from gold and features a brown leather band. The chronograph watch also has many different features as well. The watch can display the phase of the moon, has a chronograph, and a perpetual calendar that indicates the date, day, and month. The watch has sapphire crystal on it that has glare resistance. The watch has a screw-locked crown, a silver storm dial, a self-winding mechanizing that utilizes Breitling’s Caliber 29B technology, and is waterproof up to 328 feet.

6. The Breitling for Bentley Collection Model L2936312-6627-739P – $82,520

Next up on our list at number seven is another watch that was made for the Bentley Collection. While lacking a specific fitting name for this watch, this watch out of the Bentley Collection is still quite expensive at $82,520 dollars. The watch is made from platinum and features sapphire glass, alligator leather, and is also waterproof.

5. The Bentley Motors Complications Collection – $174,280

Next up on our list is the Bentley Motors Complications Collection Model L18841TA-B788-761P. This is a classic Breitling watch in style and features multiple indicators. The watch is a beautiful timepiece made out of platinum and it also has sapphire crystal glass. On the outside of the watches face are cities from all over the world, allowing the wearer to figure out the time in those cities.

 4. The Bentley Mulliner Tourbillion – $175,000

Next up at number four is the Bentley Milliner Tourbillion. The first thing one will notice about this watch is the visible tourbillion on the watch. The inner displays on the watch also show some of the watchers working innards. Additionally on the back of the watch you can see all of the moving parts of the watch. The watch features a unique pointer-type date display, a 30-second chronograph system, premium 18 karat gold, and alligator leather. Breitling also allows you to customize some parts of the watch if you want to slightly alter its appearance.

3. The Breitling for Bentley Collection Model R4436563/E516 – $232,500

At number 3 we have the Bentley Collection Model R4436563/E516. This beautiful watch is extremely extravagant and will instantly catch anyones eye. It is made from 18 karat gold and features diamonds all over the watch.

2. The Breitling for Bentley Flying B J28362 – $255,500

Costing more than an actual Bentley at $255,500 is the Bentley Flying B Model J28362. This automatic watch is made from 18 karat white gold and many diamonds. The watch is extremely limited as there were only 50 of these watches produced so that is why this watch costs so much.

1. The Grande Complication – $280,700 

The last watch on our list is not a wristwatch, but a pocket watch. The Grande Complication is Breitling’s most expensive watch ever with a price tag of $280,700. These unique pocket watches are custom orders and have over 700 moving parts inside. The watch also features a minute striker, a perpetual calendar, and it can even track the phases of the moon. The watch itself is made from 18 karat gold.

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