A Rare 2005 Maserati MC12 sells for $1,575,000


Maserati produced a unique example in 2005 in the Maserati MC12. It is a one of a kind auto that was put on the block at Mecum Auctions and the going price exceeded all expectations. It sold for a whopping million and five hundred and seventy five in US dollars at the end of the bidding. This newsworthy event gives us a strong desire to find out more about the prestigious car and the esteemed auction house where the bidding took place in addition.

Mecum Daytime Auctions are well known for their exhibition and sale of the finest collectible cars, motorbikes, tractors and road art. The past year has been an exceptional one for the company who increased their average sales margins by ten million, not that it was low to begin with. The owners of highly prized collectibles realize that when it is time to put their treasures on the auction floor, Mecum Auctions are the best logical choice for reaching the right people in the highest numbers for achieving the best possible selling price.

What makes the MC12 such a rare and desirable car?

For starters, the MC12 is the only member of the limited manufacture to be finished in black. There were a total of fifty of these cars in the series which were released in the production run. It stands out from the other forty nine in the single manufacture because it truly is different. The others were finished in a white color and were adorned in attractive blue accents. It’s rare enough to be a part of the elite group of just fifty, but to be one of a kind in color adds to the extreme rarity and value of the car because there is truly no other that is just like it in the entire world. The black MC12 is in beautiful condition which also helped to excite bidders into a frenzy which culminated in the selling price that exceeds 1.5 million. With only 1300 kilometers of actual miles driven, it’s got a lot left inside.

The inspiration

The Ferrari Enzo was as much an inspiration as the international auto racing circuit which signaled Maserati’s return to this sector of the industry. of course it is not a replica or even close, but the aspect of full bore racing capabilities under a re-engineering plan seemed attractive to them. With just a touch of inspiration, Maserati was able to concoct a genuine and authentic version of a super racing car that was uniquely their own and released in the limited edition of fifty MC12s in 2005. High performance and equal in capability this distinctive model set a high bar with its accomplishments.


Similarities and differences with the Enzo

The design of the MC12 shares similar exterior design features which adhere to ALMS and FIS rules with a shape that is long and low, but they took it a step beyond the Enzo with improved aerodynamics and decreased drag. When it comes to the engine, it took full advantage of the Enzo naturally aspirated six hundred and fifty horsepower 6.0 liter V 12 motor with the de-tuning of their version for the MC12. The Maserati version of the engine is a 625 horse power version that is attached to the transmission that is a six speed Cambiocorsa paddle shift. It is rear wheel driven and manages nicely to achieve the speed of sixty miles per hour in 3.8 seconds with a top speed of two hundred and five miles per hour, for which no apologies are owed. The persiscoop is mounted neatly atop the roof delivering the intake charge to the mounted amidships.


Did we mention that the Maserati MC12 is a fine racing car that embodies the ambiance of a true blue blood in its class? The interior is a solid confirmation of its intended purpose and was crated with a combination of materials including “Brightex” for a supple and soft luxurious feel that offers a woven textured appearance and carbon fiber for durability, strength and lightweight construction. The color scheme is a blue in perforated design for the added sporty sense of the capacity of this car to tear up the road with class and style.

Power, performance and originality

The 2005 Maserati MC12 may have taken its inspiration from the Enzo but a side by side comparison it is a unique example that is in no way a copy of Ferrari’s gem. Perhaps the initial concept drew upon a few of the most compelling features but they were modified to fall within the guidelines of the vision that was driving the Maserati design engineers in their quest to achieve the ultimate in sportiness and automotive perfection for its time. It is no doubt an original and authentic Maserati sport car that reaches high plateaus with its power and in its high performance ideals and applications.


Final thoughts

Mecum Auctions, famous for its classy display and extensive network of connections offers some of the most intriguing and rare automotive productions for consideration to the public on its auction floors. The success of the company speaks for itself as it draws the most elite groupings of collectors and rare items. The 2005 Maserati MC12 limited edition in black is just one example of the one of a kind rarities which come across the Mecum floors.

This amazing vehicle in show floor condition fetched a remarkably high price as it traded owners and in kind brought in rewards for the auctioneers with both monetary and furthering of the reputation as an esteemed broker for such events. We find that some of the greatest and most highly prized items are paraded for the view of the public in this format and it is an excellent venue for enthusiasts to simply take a look, as well as for potential buyers to consider their options for increasing the size of their current collections. Here you have it, a closer look at the famed 2005 edition of the Maserati Mc12 in black as the only one of its kind that has ever been produced. It may never be presented for auction again in our lifetime.

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