The $15,000 Leica M-P Grip Camera by Rolf Sachs


Rolf Sachs has maintained their tradition of exclusive design and craftsmanship in a collaborative effort with the Leica company. The commingling of their finest efforts has resulted in the production of the new Leica M-P Grip camera. Photogs in the exclusive collectors’ circle will be delighted with the novel approach that the designer has applied to the electronic masterpiece that is both whimsical and functional. We’re going to take a closer look at the Leica M-P Grip to find out just what make it so special.

The ultimate in uniqueness

The iconic aesthetics of the Leica M-P combine with materials which go beyond the usual synthetics and man-made accessories. The design is classic yet elements such as the brilliant red coloring and the use of human hair to make the dangling red ropes which hold the lamps are a new feature that makes this limited edition a one of a kind production run. The grip of the camera is crafted of the same materials that you would expect to find in quality ping pong paddles. This makes it easy to hold on to and gives the user greater control as well as a measure of safety from accidental drops.


Rolf Sachs took his inspiration for the Leica M-P Grip from the Rangefinder edition The paint on the exterior is a deep and true black, which is attractive in its own right, but he decided that the camera would need to have a few enhancements. With wonderful simplicity, the addition of the grips in a bright red nubbed overlay is what transforms the appearance from the classic and iconic version of the camera to one that sports a tremendous amount of bling and eye appeal. The rubber trim makes a tremendous difference and the addition of the Rolf Sachs engravings are a nice touch as well. Other elements of the camera also sport the red trim including the video button, shutter release button, shutter speed dial, on and off switch, shutter speed dial and the accessory shoe. These were the perfect accent to bring the appearance of the camera to vibrant life.



In addition to being a collector’s piece the camera is fully functional with marks for high performance. The Leica M-P camera is equipped with innovations in technology including the in house digital rangefinder system and a fast lens of the classic type, Summilux – M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH. The housing is built to be rugged and durable to protect the inner workings of the device. The lens is among the most versatile on the market with moderate wide angle capacity and the ability to reproduce images with natural proportions. The focus is selective for a wide range from close up to far distant with high contrast light applications and shots of landscape with tremendous depth of field.


This special limited edition has been strictly limited to the production of just seventy nine pieces. It can be found only in select Leica retail outlets. The retail price is $14,950. This includes: the camera; a black carrying case; the lens; a Leica SF 40 flash, a carrying strap and a specially crafted cleaning brush for maintaining the exterior of the camera. This special collectors edition became available in November of 2016.

Leica has long been the favorite choice of photographers for its high end quality, durability and classically good looking design. The recent collaboration with Rolf Sachs has produced a highly collectible camera that has charm, personality, appeal and a high level of practical functionality. The addition of the red rubberized grips are the perfect complement to the perfect camera that blends eye catching aesthetics with the high performing functionality of a thirty five millimeter camera.


Leica Camera AG

The company is international in its scope. The brand established itself as a maker of premium cameras in addition to other electronics including sport optics. Their reputation is strong in the market as a top producer of high end products. They maintain their headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany with an additional production facility located i Vila Nova de Famalicao, Portugul. They also maintain branches in South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, England, China, Italy, Singapore, France and the United States.

Final thoughts

The Leica M-P Grip by Rolf Sachs is the culmination of the efforts of the finest minds in design and innovation. Its limited production numbers and the use of unique materials add to the special qualities of the camera. We’re pleased to present our review of the Leica M-P Grip for your consideration.


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