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    The Most Expensive New Motorcycles on the Market Today

    Motorcycles, while not for everyone, have long been a very popular means of transportation. I would argue most motorcyclist ride a bike because they love riding motorcycles, rather than just using it to go from point  A to point B. While motorcycles are obviously dangerous, they are actually very affordable vehicles to own. New bikes […] More

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    History of the Riding Car: The First Mercedes Motorcycle Ever Produced

    When you hear the word “Mercedes”, you probably instantly think of the finest luxury automobiles on the planet. Mercedes-Benz has established themselves over the years as an industry leader when it comes to all-things related to automobiles. However we don’t associate Mercedes with motorcycles, because they don’t make any motorcycles at all. However you may be […] More

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    The 10 Best Motorcycles of the 90s

    The 1990s will be a decade that will be remembered in similar ways as the 1960s and the 1970s are. The 90s were a span of years that produced some incredible music, vibrant culture, and a range of other important events. It was the time that the internet was created and when personal computers became popularized. […] More

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    10 Concepts that are the Future of Motorcycles

    The motorcycle is one of the most straightforward vehicles known to man. It’s gone largely unchanged over the years as the general “idea” remains the same: one engine, two wheels, a small seat, and some handlebars. Okay, a motorcycle is obviously more than than, but you get the idea. Manufacturers can add in more powerful […] More

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    Check Out This $25,000 Electric Bicycle From Trefecta Mobility

    One part moped, one part bicycle, and one part electric vehicle, the new Trefecta DRT bicycle from Trefecta Mobility is definitely one of the more interesting vehicles that we have seen recently. This will be the first product from the emerging vehicle brand, and many are wondering if it will alter the transformation industry forever. However […] More

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    The 1934 Henderson Streamline is Truly a One of a Kind Motorcycle

    Those of you out there who are motorcycle buffs can truly appreciate this model.  Way back in the 1930s a man by the name of Orly Courtney designed a motorcycle that he called the Henderson Streamline.   In modern day times I would liken this to what the Tucker was for automobiles:  essentially a vehicle that […] More

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    5 of the Toughest and Deadliest Car and Motorcycle Races Today

    The world of motorsports is extremely diverse and absolutely massive. While most are familiar with things like Nascar or Formula One, there are many other types of racing leagues and races out there for all different types of vehicles that are powered by combustion engines. Motorsports, by their very nature, and dangerous and can often […] More

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    10 Concept Motorcycles We Want to Become Real

    Since its inception, the motorcycle has gone largely unchanged over the years. Sure we’ve seen them become more powerful, lighter in weight, and have on-board LCD displays, but they’ve really stayed the same. It would seem that there isn’t a whole lot you can do to change a vehicle that has two wheels, a motor, […] More

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    BMW and Alpinestars Join Together to Create Motorcycle Gear With Airbags

    Those that own a motorcycle will tell you that not only is a bike a means of transportation (and probably one of the most enjoyable ones), but it’s also a lifestyle. Motorcycles are fun, affordable, and efficient but there are some drawbacks to owning one, obviously. The largest drawback is certainly safety. You could purchase thousands […] More

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    1907 Harley-Davidson Strap Tank auctions for $650,000

    Out of all the various companies that produce motorcycles, one brand consistently remains as a cult favorite: Harley-Davidson. Their bikes aren’t the fastest around or the most luxurious, however they are arguably the most famous motorcycle company to have ever existed. They’re as American as Uncle Sam. Recently a Harley-Davidson Strap Tank from 1907 was […] More

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    The Ducati Diavel Titanium Will be Available in May 2015

    The all-new, highly-anticipated Ducati Diavel Titanium will finally hit dealerships around the world next month as fans of the brand are gearing up to receive one of the coolest motorcycles that has been launched recently. The Ducati name is already well-respected and the standard Diavel was already a great bike, so essentially this titanium version […] More

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    Five Motorcycles Perfect for a Midlife Crisis

    There are a few ways that you can deal with a midlife crisis, but the best way is to purchases a motorcycle. When you were young you’ve always wanted one, but realized that they aren’t the most convenient means of transportation. Now that you’re older and have a car as a primary vehicle, it’s finally […] More

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