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    The Worst Heisman Winners to Ever Play in the NFL

    The Heisman Trophy might just be the most prestigious individual award in all of sports. It’s a symbol of everything that stands for college football, with one player each year joining an exclusive fraternity for his on-field success. And, over the years, we have seen some great players go on to win the award and […] More

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    Bottle Water Brands Ranked Worst To Best

    Picking the right bottled water brand has become quite difficult as there are so many brands to choose from, with each having its own taste. Water bottle brands try to make their water taste unique but don’t always make the right choice, as many people prefer neutral-tasting water. Water bottle brands will try to add […] More

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    The 20 Biggest Financial Mistakes Retirees Make

    Most of us can’t wait until the day that we are able to retire. What many individuals do not take into consideration is that retirement is not a stage in life to take lightly. One must plan ahead wisely to have enough money saved to last them the rest of their lives. It’s easy to […] More

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    These Reality TV Shows Are Completely Fake

    Reality TV has become a huge part of popular culture, but not all reality shows are created equal. Fake reality TV shows have been around for years and although not as prevalent as the more traditional programs, they offer entertainment that is just as captivating. These shows feature scripted storylines and manipulated events that add […] More

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    The 20 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

    Loyalty is the most important aspect in any personality, if you ask most people. That’s what people are looking for when they choose a dog; a loyal dog that will stand by their family in every situation and always make them feel safe. It doesn’t matter if your dog is big, small or in between; […] More

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    Robin Williams’ Son Pays Tribute To His Dad In A Beautiful Way

    Robin Williams was a bright light in the entertainment industry that went out way too soon. Throughout his life and career, he brought smiles and laughs to millions with his work. His outgoing nature, funny characters, and welcoming spirit automatically drew people in. However, at the time of his untimely and shocking passing in 2014, […] More

  • Jay-Z and Beyoncé

    20 Richest Song Writers Of All-Time

    When you hear a song that you like, there are often a few things that you like. The words, the beat, the tune, and the sound of the singer all make for a great song. What you may not know is that in many cases, the words, the tune, and the beat were written by […] More

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    50 Best Things To Buy At Costco

    Costco is a multinational corporation and is the fifth largest retailer in the world. It is a chain of membership-only big-box retail stores and is one of the most beloved retailers in the country. It offers excellent value on bulk items, saving its customers a great deal of money. Costco offers new great deals every […] More

  • Connecticut best pizza Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

    The Best Pizza In Every State

    Pizza is one of the most beloved foods in America, and every state has its unique twist on this classic dish. From the thin-crust New York-style pizza to the deep-dish Chicago-style pie, there’s a pizza for everyone. With so many variations, it’s hard to keep track of which state has the most popular pizza. That’s […] More

  • Rubbing alcohol hacks

    25 Rubbing Alcohol Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

    Most people tend to keep rubbing alcohol in their medicine cabinets and usually only think of it as something used to treat scrapes, cuts and other minor wounds. However, rubbing alcohol can do so much more! The best thing about rubbing alcohol is that it’s reasonably priced and has a wide variety of uses that […] More

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    Famous Couples That Show The Power of Love

    When it comes to celebrity couples, there is always the question of when they will break up, but surprisingly, there are a few couples in Hollywood that have been together for quite some time and really love each other. The Hollywood curse has ended many relationships throughout the years, but these couples know how to […] More

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    Trail Cameras Capture Real Wildlife Photos

    Are you someone that enjoys nature and wildlife? Well, you should check out these trail camera photos that capture real wildlife in a way that you have never seen before. Trail cameras are popular among hunters and nature enthusiasts that capture any animal activity when they are near the camera. Trail cameras have been around […] More

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