Goldgenie Is Now Offering The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge In 24K Gold

Goldgenie 24K Gold Samsung Galaxy S7 S7 Edge 2

Goldgenie, the company best known for their bespoke cellphones, is now offering the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with their all-gold treatment. Goldgenie has provided everything from the iPhone 6S to the Blackberry Passport with their custom-made gold plating, and these Samsung devices are the newest to receive that treatment.

Both of the devices have recently just came out, and are arguably some of the nicest phones that you can currently buy. However if you’re someone that likes to carry around “luxury” devices, then these gold phones are just for you. Goldgenie applies precision-cut 24K gold plating to the devices, and they really feel like they’re made entirely from gold. As of now, they are only offering the phones with a sparkle finish, but we imagine other designs will soon come. Only the front of these devices retain the original color, while everything else has been covered with gold.

The devices are completely unlocked and can work on any carrier in the world. Additionally they are shipped in hand-made wooden boxes that are made from Cherry Oak. Their gold Samsung S7 is priced at $2,981 dollars while the S7 Edge will run you $3,265 dollars. Obviously these gold phones aren’t meant for most consumers, however Goldgenie still holds down the market as one of the best brands to supply gold-plated phones. For more, check out their website:

Goldgenie 24K Gold Samsung Galaxy S7 S7 Edge

Photos from Goldgenie