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  • 2017 New England Patriots Season Tickets

    Get A Look At The 2017 New England Patriots Season Ticket Package

    Yesterday my season tickets arrived from the New England Patriots for the 2017 season. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into this year’s packaging as previous years came in a flimsy throw away box. Not this year my friends. This year season tickets box is a keeper and everything about it reminds you […] More

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    Ultimate Guide for the First-Time Rolex Buyer

    Purchasing a Rolex for the first time can be a daunting task. The watches themselves are expensive, and the pre-owned industry is full of counterfeit items and other scams intended to part you from your money. Tiny, seemingly insignificant details on the watches account for thousands of dollars in price, and for those that have […] More

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    The Story Behind John Lennon’s Sgt Peppers Piano

    Sotheby’s December 10, 2016 auction, titled “A Rock & Roll Anthology: From Folk to Fury” concluded with sales listed at $847, 318 USD. The auction was designed to feature important memorabilia, manuscripts, instruments, art, photographs, and other items which would provide the history of rock & roll in a broad survey of items. Also included […] More

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    The Five Most Expensive Restaurants in Rome

    There will always be people who say that expensive doesn’t mean quality, but I disagree. I think when it relates to dining, the more expensive the food the better it is. Of course, this tends to apply more to celebrity chef-owned restaurants and those with Michelin stars. On that note, I’m certainly not saying that […] More

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    Five Luxury Watches Inspired by the James Bond Franchise

    James Bond is a man’s man with exceptional style. He gives a good name to those men like my husband who are both elegant and masculine, but without the desire to go fishing or hunting or riding around in the mud on interesting looking contraptions; he’s a man’s man with class and elegance (not that […] More

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    The Top Five Hotels in Estonia

    Luxury vacation planning has never included a trip to Estonia for me, but it seems that this small country is becoming more and more luxurious, more popular and much more well-traveled. It seems that everyone is beginning to understand that the small country on the Baltic Sea is about so much more than just being […] More

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    A Look at The Four Seasons New Private Island in the Maldives

    Seven perfectly appointed bedrooms, a private luxury yacht and an island all to yourself in the midst of one of the world’s most luxe locations; it’s not just a dream you have each night. It’s reality. The Four Seasons Resort and Hotel brand is in the final stages of creating your dream come true in […] More

  • Facts about credit cards

    10 Mind Boggling Credit Card Facts

    Ah credit cards, those little pieces of plastic that allows us to purchase things that we don’t really have the money for. The history of credit cards can be traced back to the 1920’s when Western Union began to provide frequent customers with charge cards. Today, the vast majority of adults own or use one, […] More

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    The Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Tahiti

    Completely synonymous with abundant luxury, Tahiti is one of those tropical locations you cannot help but fall in love with every time you see a photo. It’s gorgeous, sophisticated and plain lovely. It’s a top bucket-list destination for many of us, and it isn’t exactly a mystery why so many people are in love with […] More

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    The Top 5 European Beach Hotels

    Europe is so much more than just beautiful architecture and history. Of course, that’s part of what we love about the many amazing cities located in Europe, but it’s just part of its charm. The beautiful architecture speaks to centuries of creative minds. The cobblestone streets speak to a much simpler lifestyle. The food is […] More

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