The Obama’s Last Christmas at the White House


For those of us who love decorating for Christmas, we eagerly anticipate viewing the decor that is specially designed for Christmas at the White House. This year the White House’s Christmas decor is truly fabulous. Michelle Obama wanted to make this year’s Christmas theme, The Gift of the Holidays, and decor quite memorable. When viewing photographs or videos of this year’s decor, it is truly a gift to all of us. The Obamas and their decorating teams have really produced a spectacular design for their last Christmas at the White House.

Following are just a few of the highlights of some of the rooms at the White House. You can be assured that it is trimmed from top to bottom with unique and beautiful decor. There is more to the decor than just visual beauty. The decor presents a meaningful and thoughtful message to all.

The Official White House Tree


This year on the Tuesday in November after Thanksgiving, Mrs. Obama welcomed her last official Christmas tree to the White House. This tree was placed in the center of the Blue Room, which is the formal reception room of the White House. The Christmas tree in this room is considered one of the most iconic features of the holiday season. The theme of this tree is “We the People.” This theme reflects the idea that the Obama’s want the White House to be “the people’s house”. Since the farm-grown tree is over 17 feet tall, it is tethered to the ceiling. It is the simplest decorated tree in the White House, but it carries an important and impactful message. It has been trimmed with gold ribbon garland. The garland has the Preamble of the Constitution printed on it. Gold ornaments and clear lights are used to adorn the tree. The tree’s ornaments show the American pride and diversity. The glittering ornaments feature images of farmers, service members, and American families. While this tree is not as ornate as others, it symbolizes a strong message of hope and unity.

The Center Hall


The Center Hall is an absolute marvel with a whimsical flair. Each side of the hall is lined with frosty snowmen of varying sizes. Arches of brightly lit garland filled with soft-colored pastel ornaments grace the path down the hall. Giant snowflakes and icicles hang from the ceiling along with decorative garland. Walking down the Center Hall is like taking a stroll through a winter wonderland.

The Cross Hall


The Cross Hall features very ornate decorations. One side of the hall has Christmas tree shapes that are suspended from the ceiling. They are completely covered with silver and gold ornaments. The trees emit a red glow. The other side of the hall is decorated with towers of presents beside the columns. The entrances to the rooms are highlighted with green garland. The Cross Hall shows a sophisticated style.

The East Wing Hallway


The East Wing Hallway is a delight for dog-lovers and children. More than 25,000 yarn pompoms are used to create replicas which are larger than life of the First Dogs, Bo and Sunny. There is a six tier display table that is shaped like a Christmas tree. Each tier is filled with wrapped presents, toys, and gigantic candy-canes. There is not a kid that would not enjoy this.

The White House Gingerbread House


The State Dining Room welcomes visitors and families. It has the distinct honor of hosting the White House Gingerbread House. It has become a traditional holiday favorite. The shopping list for the ingredients may be short, but a large amount of each ingredient was needed. It was constructed from 150 pounds of gingerbread, 100 pounds of dough, and 20 pounds each of icing, gum paste, and sculpted sugar pieces. The cake designers worked very meticulously to produce a detailed replica of the White House and the White House grounds. Even Bo and Sunny are on the outside grounds. The detailed sculptures include Christmas decorations, and Santa and his reindeer are on the roof. A Christmas wreath that is decorated with gum drops hangs above the White House Gingerbread House. It is sure to catch everyone’s attention and admiration.

The Lego Gingerbread Houses and Gingerfriends


Since Christmas at the White House has a focus on the people of our country. It is fitting that each state and territory of the United States is represented. A team of Lego Master Builders used over 200,000 Legos to build 56 Lego gingerbread houses that represent each state and territory. These gingerbread houses are in the State Dining Room also. Gingerbread men and women holding peppermint lollipops are placed in various locations in the State Dining Room.

The Library


The White House Library symbolizes the importance of an education. It is a cozy room filled with treasured books and all of the colors of Christmas. Two Christmas trees are in front of the windows. They are decorated in a traditional manner. Red, green, and silver are the main colors. Each tree is wrapped in garland and has blue, purple, and golden ornaments. The fireplace and mantel are decked out with garland that matches the decor of the Christmas trees. The Library has two interesting details. One is the large colorful striped box in front of the fireplace. It is full of gigantic, basketball size ornaments. The large ornaments spill onto the floor. The other interesting items are the topiaries that are constructed from typical school supplies such as yellow pencils, crayons, and note cards. The pedestals for the topiaries are made from green chalkboard. This is an inviting room for children and adults.

Thinking back to this year’s theme, The Gift of the Holidays, it is easy to see how this theme unfolds. The message and execution of the theme were carefully thought out. There is something in the decor that appeals to everyone. Children should be enthralled with the designs that are magical and perfect for young visitors. At the same time, adults should be reminded of joyous times as a kid. People with discerning taste are in for a treat also. The elegant and opulent decor is just what they are expecting. With this being the last White House Christmas for the Obama family, they have truly given us a beautiful gift for the holidays.

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