247 Billiards Pool Table Designed by Porsche

247 Billiards is an Austrian company who has recently teamed up with the Porsche Design Studio to bring consumers an impressive looking high-quality pool table. 247 Billiards has always been fascinated with unique and minimalist metal work since the 1970’s and they wanted to give consumers a pool table that will surely make your friends jealous. So, they went to the drawing boards with Porsche and came up with the pool table shown above.

Porsche Design Studios is a studio that is known for designing the original Porsche 911 body which has become an extremely iconic car throughout the years, and provides the base design for most of the Porsche models today. Porsche Design Studios doesn’t stop there, as they have designed a variety of other consumer products from watches and eye wear, to luggage and electronics.

Getting back to 247 Billiards, this pool table features an incredible stainless steel body covered in an ultra high-tech material called Corian, which is produced by DuPont. This contemporary and modern twist on the pool table is a breath of fresh air when compared to its bulky and wooden counterparts. The table is also extremely customizable  and offers consumers over 30 different colors for the frame, ranging from black to purple, and over 20 different colors for the cloth, ensuring that your table will match your needs and fit in with your home decor.

The table is priced at $29, 500 U.S.D. and comes in a 7- and 8- foot-long models. The table also comes with a matching cue rack, pool cues, a pool triangle, and Aramith pool balls which are used by many of the pros.  Each table is made-to-order by hand, ensuring the highest quality. 247 Billiards and Porsche Design Studios have really designed one of the nicest pool tables of all time.

Photo from 247 Billiards

Written by Sebastian Hensiek

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