Elon Musk Believes A Tesla Will Be Able To Completely Drive Itself in Two Years

Elon Musk Believes A Tesla Will Be Able To Completely Drive Itself in Two Years

The Tesla Model S and Model X are not only some of the best all-electrice vehicles that money can buy you today, they are also some of the most technologically advanced as well. Tesla Motors incorporates a range of attractive technology features into their cars, some of which allows the cars to drive themselves for a short period. However it may not be long now until they can completely drive themselves, as CEO Elon Musk has recently said that “within two years you’ll be able to summon your car from across the country”.

This is certainly exciting news, and if that statement holds to be true, the Teslas will easily represent the pinnacle of automotive engineering. So not only will the cars be able to drive themselves completely, they can be “summoned”, meaning you hit a button on your cell phone and then it drives itself to you on its own. The car can map out a route to you, stop in at recharging stations, and eventually get to you completely by itself.

Tesla’s already have some semi-autonomous capabilities, as they are equip with a range of sensors and cameras. While you drive your Tesla, it scans the surrounding environment and learns things like speed signs, where traffic lights are, in addition to mapping out the roads. All of this data is then uploaded to their net work, and then Tesla can simultaneously update all of their cars with this new information that was collected by Tesla’s driving around the world. Thus, in effect, it won’t be long until they can fully drive themselves.

Now Elon Musk did admit that his statement was “optimistic”, however we can definitely expect the Tesla’s to drive themselves within a few years time. Eventually, they will probably stop making them with steering wheels.

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