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    Celebrities Who Will Make the Most Money in 2015

    While no one can predict the future year, 2015 has a lot in store for many prominent actors, athletes, musicians, and celebrities. Of all the various celebrities and VIP’s out there, a select few are projected to make a lot of money over the course of this year. Whether they are actors in highly-anticipated blockbusters […] More

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    It’ll Cost you $41,555 to Fly on a Private Jet with Al Pacino

    Al Pacino is an extremely well known actor who has been in many major roles throughout his extensive career. The star is probably best known for his performances in the leading role of Scarface where he played drug lord Tony Montana as well as Michael Corleone in The Godfather. Pacino’s acting career is definitely quieting down […] More

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    Here’s How Michael Jackson Made $150 Million in 2014

    Around five years after the death of the world famous Michael Jackson, the “king of pop” is still making money and that revenue stream is larger than a lot of living artists today. When he was alive Jackson made an unbelievable amount of money through record sales, tours, endorsements and a variety of other things. […] More

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    DJ Afrojack Spent Some of His $22 Million in Earnings on His Car Collection

    Nick van de Wall, better known by his stage name Afrojack, is a 27-year-old Dutch celebrity music producer, DJ, and recent Forbes Life cover star with a current net worth of $40 million. Last year, Afrojack earned upwards of $22 million–more than all but five of his fellow professional DJs–mostly from nightly $100,000 fees for live shows […] More

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    Author James Frey Offers $500,000 to the Reader Who Can Solve His Latest Novel

    Released last Tuesday, American author James Frey’s Endgame: The Calling already has young-adult readers digging through its pages for clues. Why? The author has pledged $500,000 in sold gold to the first reader who solves the book‘s complex hidden puzzle. Co-written with fantasy writer Nils Johnson-Shelton and published by HarperCollins Publishers, Endgame: The Calling is the first installment of the Endgame trilogy, […] More

  • Sylvester Stallone Net Worth

    Sylvester Stallone Net Worth

    Sylvester Stallone is an American actor, screenwriter, and film director with an estimated net worth of $275 million. Stallone is known for his action roles particularly in the films Rocky and Rambo. Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone was born on July 6, 1946 in New York, New York. He is the eldest son of Frank, a […] More

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    Beyonce Takes Top Spot on Forbes Celebrity 100 This Year

    Forbes Celebrity 100 list was just released yesterday, and taking the top spot this year, like it did last year, goes to a woman but it’s not Oprah this time. The Queen B herself, international pop star, Beyonce, took the the top spot on the Forbes Celebrity 100, earning a reported $115 million between June […] More

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    Reality King Ryan Seacrest Is More Than Just A Radio Host

    Everyone knows who Ryan Seacrest is; he is the busiest man in Hollywood. Aside from his long-standing host position on American Idol, he’s also the host of his own radio show, he’s a producer and he’s the man with a million jobs. There’s nothing Ryan Seacrest can’t do, and it seems everything he touches turns […] More

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    The Five Richest Rappers In 2014

    Rappers have always had a unique relationship to money.   There are times when rappers like to wear money on their teeth in the form of a “grill.”  Rap videos often feature expensive cars and expensive clothes.  We often hear references to products like drinking expensive champagne and flying private jets, so it makes sense […] More

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    The Most Charitable Celebrities

    When you make tens of millions of dollars – or more – every year, you never have to worry about money again. It’s no secret that celebrities earn impressive salaries, and many people are quick to judge them on their extravagant purchases. Just check the comment section in any article about a celeb’s latest lavish […] More

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