Google Reveals a Little Too Much About What London is Searching For


As Google continues to try and improve their online advertising empire we’ve recently seen that they are potentially going to turn to offering video ads as a way for advertisers to further connect with their audience.   “Google would not comment on any current plans to introduce search video ads, but the company said it has played with the format in the past. “We’ve experimented with a number of different video search formats over the years but don’t have anything specific we’re launching right now,” the company said.

Given that competitors Yahoo and Bing are currently using this ad format it’s most likely inevitable that Google will wind up following suit.  After all, there are billions at stake and if the search giant wishes to remain competitive they are going to have to experiment and take some risk.

Speaking of risk, one way that companies are getting more attention is by being completely honest with their customers.  No nonsense campaigns are flooding TV’s and the internet but the question is, “have some gone too far?”  Take this Google ad in London for example.  Are UK citizens going to be a little shocked by what they see here?

Well, this might be a photoshop.  However, what if it’s not?  Is Google planning on adding to its billions with the honest approach to advertising?

Written by Worthly


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