10 Gaming Companies to Watch Out for in 2016

10 Gaming Companies to Watch Out for in 2016

As video games are a form of technology, they only get better each and every single year. With continual advancements in both the hardware and software end of things, video games, consoles, and other systems are reaching all new heights in terms their capabilities, performance, and features. So which companies are ones that you should keep your eyes on? Here we will take look at ten gaming companies to watch out for in 2016.

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10. Nintendo

Nintendo is always a gaming company that you should keep your eyes on, as they continue to create great products. While they maybe aren’t as financially successful as their competitors nor do the control the majority of the console market, they however, might be the most beloved gaming company. In 2016 Nintendo will most likely release a new Legend of Zelda title, there’s rumors that they’re launching a new console, and they will continue to progress into the world of smartphones, among other things.

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Razer Blade Pro

9. Razer Inc. 

Razer Inc. is an American company that produces a range of video game hardware and accessories. They make everything from mice to headphones, however their (arguably) most interesting product is their high-end laptop: the Razer Blade. Ask any hardcore gamer where you can get the best gaming experience, and they will point to the computer. Gaming laptops have always been clunky, thick, and devoid of any stylistic design. Then Razer launched the Blade, a computer that offered performance comparable to other high-end gaming laptops with insane specifications packaged into a relatively thin and sleek laptop made entirely from metal. It’s extremely expensive as it represent the bleeding edge of mobile computer gaming, however it’s still quite impressive. I’d imagine Razer will update these computer over the course of 2016 and make them ever better.

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Electronic Arts

8. Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts is one of the largest video game developers, publishers, and producers in the world, and they typically always have something coming out. While there’s always a bit of controversy around how they handle certain games, EA is responsible for producing many popular titles like Madden NFL, Battlefield, The Sims, Need for Speed, FIFA, Mass Effect, and many others. They will definitely have a large list of games coming out this year that will most likely be well received.  

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Ubisoft ASsassin's Creed

7. Ubisoft

Ubisoft is another popular video game developer and publisher who are responsible for many popular titles. The French company works on the Assassin’s Creed, Price of Persia, Rayman, and the Tom Clancy video games, amongst many others. We can definitely expect new games from Ubisoft in 2016, like Tom Clancy’s The Division. 

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6. Nvidia 

Nvidia is a gaming technology company that produces a range of hardware, namely video cards. When it comes to actually getting a game working (and looking good), the video card is one of the most important pieces. Nvidia is easily the industry leader at what they do and they arguably produce some of the best video cards/GPU’s in the world. In 2016 they will more than likely release a host of new products, allowing gamers to take it to the next level.

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Riot Games League of Legends

5. Riot Games

Riot Games is the company behind the popular video game League of Legends. Video games are no longer something you do in your free time in your basement, they have now become a full-fledged “sport”. Esports, as they are called, have grown incredibly popular over the recent years and League of Legends is one of the most played ones. In 2014 a reported 27 million people played daily while 67 million people played each month, and those number have grown since then. Riot Games is a billion-dollar company that’s helping esports as a whole become more popular. The tournaments and championships are typically held in arena stadiums and are broadcasted on the internet where they are watched by fans across the world. For example, last year the North American championships were held at Madison Square Garden, where the even sold-out. That’s just how big it is.

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Activision Blizzard

4. Activision Blizzard

Ever since Activison and Blizzard have teamed up, they have become a heavyweight in the video game world. This video game publishing and development company owns many subsidiaries and is responsible for a range of different divisions that create different video game titles. Activision Blizzard are responsible for Call of Duty and Starcraft (two other popular esports) in addition to games like World of Warcraft, Spyro, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Guitar Hero, Diablo, Warcraft, Heroes of The Storm, and Overwatch. They have plans to launch a few titles in 2016, and will continue on as one of the most profitable video game companies.

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3. Valve

Valve is another major player in the world of video games, acting as both a developer, producer, and digital distributor. They are responsible for the popular games and series like Counter Strike, Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress, Defense of The Ancients 2, and Left 4 Dead, among other titles. It should also be noted that Defense of The Ancients 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive are two of the largest esport games in the world, where teams can potentially win millions of dollars in prize money. Additionally Valve is responsible for Steam, one of the largest and most popular video game digital distribution platforms in the world. If you game on a computer, chances are that you probably use Steam. 2016 will have much in-store for Valve as they are working on new game titles and software.

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Microsoft Studios

2. Microsoft Studios

Microsoft Studios is the video game devision of Microsoft and they are a large industry leader. In addition to producing one of the most popular gaming consoles, the Xbox One, Microsoft Studios is in charge of a number of various video game titles which are held by some of their subsidiaries. They make games like Halo and we can definitely expect new games from them in 2016.

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1. Oculus VR

If there’s one and only one gaming company you have to watch out for in 2016, I would sat it’s Oculus VR. This is the company responsible for the Oculus Rift, which is probably the most advanced consumer-grade virtual reality system out there. It’s set to launch sometime early this summer, and it will revolutionize the gaming industry and video games as we know them. Pre-order’s for the Oculus Rift are already available for $599 dollar, and while that’s a lot of money, it’s easily the coolest gaming device to come out in recent memory.

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