World Changing Technologies That are Just Over the Horizon

World Changing Technologies

We live in an age where technology evolves at a rate that is much faster than every living organism. Technology has become ingrained so much in our society, that without it, we would be severely handicapped as a species. While we have some pretty cool technological goods today, the technological breakthroughs that are just on the horizon are extremly promising. When we look at what we have accomplished in terms of technology today and the trends around technology, we can get a good sense of where we are going down the line. We are going to take a look at a list of world changing technologies that are just over the horizon.

Self-Driving Cars 

While many people want flying cars, self-driving or autonomous cars will be the next big breakthrough in technology that will change the world. The best thing is that they will be here sooner than you think. Companies like Mercedes, Google, BMW, Tesla, Audi, and others are already working on self-driving cars. Some of them have already created working prototypes as well. Self-driving cars would arguably reduce traffic congestion and make the roads ever safer. Google has been testing self-driving cars for some time now, and any accident that one of their prototypes was in, was due to human error. I would bet than within ten years, self-driving cars will be popularized.

Brain-to-computer Systems

Technology is also making major breakthroughs in the medical field, and brain-to-computer systems will be a massive game-changer. These computer systems will be able to link up with a living persons brain to provide a range of benefits. Paralyzed individuals will be able to interact with others via computers and we can better map the brain’s inner workings, among other benefits. We have rudimentary devices right now that are the start of these brain-to-computer systems, and its only a matter of time before we can really make a difference with these computers.

More Efficient Batteries

Okay this one is pretty simple, but better batteries are an extremely important improvement that will be here quite soon. The technology around batteries has gone largely unchanged for sometime now and we need better batteries. Our cell phones will last longer, electric cars can go further; basically any device that is powered by a battery will perform better which will inevitable change the world.

In-Vitro Meat

In-vitro meat is essentially meat that is grown within a laboratory. We have already made massive improvements in this field already, and scientist have already grown meat in labs and people have already consumed it. As soon as this technology becomes more affordable and we are able to mass-produce it, in-vitro meat will solve many of the worlds hunger problems. Scientists will be able to take one cell and then grow it into a hamburger, for example. While this seems gross and unnatural, it is a pretty important technology that will change the world. Plus the science involved with in-vitro meat can benefit many other field of studies, namely the medical field.

Organ Printers

Somewhat similar to in-vitro meat, “organ printers” will also be another world changing technology. Essentially scientists hope to combine stem cells with 3-D printers to create a device that would grow organs. Instead of waiting on a list for an organ, doctors will be able to take a DNA sample and then grow you a new organ. The medical benefits of a technology like this and how it will change the world are pretty obvious.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality headsets are pretty much already here, and they will only improve with time. These devices will quite literally change how we interact with the world in nearly every way. The benefits of virtual reality headsets can range from pure entertainment purposes to how we construct buildings, for example. These VR headsets allow us to see things like never before. Companies like Microsoft and Samsung already plan to release models very soon as well.

Bionic Limbs

Another world changing technology would be bionic limbs. We already have created robotic hands and legs that can change amputees lives. Bionic limbs will also go together with brain-to-computer systems and allow people to control their artificial limbs with their brain. Scientists have already been able to do this, albeit it’s still in its early stages, but with time bionic limbs will certainly change many lives.

Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors 

Most people are scared of nuclear reactors, and while they can be very dangerous, they are relatively safe and easily the best form of energy. Nuclear power can easily solve all of our energy problems, and liquid fluoride thorium reactors could be one of the most promising energy sources that mankind has ever created. These reactors use thorium which is safer, more abundant, and more efficient than current nuclear fuel options. You can fit a lifetimes supply of thorium fuel in your hand, that’s how efficient these reactors are. When we get the technology up to speed, we can realistically create these nuclear power plants on a large scale. People need to get over their fear of nuclear energy, as it is really one of the most important achievements that mankind has ever made. It’s difficult to explain all the details of liquid fluoride thorium reactors, but this video does a pretty great job at hitting all the major details and it will also make you wonder why we aren’t pouring money to fund this:

 Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Written by Sebastian Hensiek

From Philadelphia, Sebastian is a fan of music, writing, art, and entertainment.