The Most Popular Wearable Technology that Rich Americans Use

The Most Popular Wearable Technology that Rich Americans Use - Apple Watch

Wearable technology is all the rage today, as more and more consumers are purchasing smartwatches or virtual reality goggles. Wearable technology can provide us with a range of new features that make our lives “easier”, however not all forms of wearable technology appeal to everyone. For example, rich Americans might choose to spend more money when it comes to their wearable technology. So what products appeal to the rich the most? Here are some of the most popular wearable technologies that rich Americans like to use.

Zepp Sensor

5. The Zepp Sensor

The Zepp Sensor is an ingenious form of wearable technology that’s marketed towards golfers and tennis players. Since those sports like to attract wealthy enthusiast, it’s no surprise that the Zepp Sensor is popular amount rich Americans. Essentially the Zepp Sensor is a small device that can be attached to your golf glove and then paired with a smartphone via their app. You will then play golf as normal, and the sensor and app will record a range of information. It will help you visualize your swing, show you how fast you can hit balls, help you with your hip rotation, and display a variety of other useful tips and information related to golf (or tennis) while simultaneously tracking how you play the game. And at $149 dollars, it’s fairly affordable as well.

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PoloTech Shirt

4. The PoloTech Shirt

From Ralph Lauren, the PoloTech Shirt is one of the newest forms of wearable technology on the market today and it’s quite interesting. It’s a athletic shirt that has been lined with small, silver fibers that are able to read things like your heart rate or your breathing rate. The fibers then lead to a small Bluetooth box that is then paired with a smartphone. From your phone, you can track your fitness progress, see your heart rate, learn how many calories you’ve burned, and view a variety of other fitness-related information. But at $295 dollars per shirt, it’s definitely a product that not everyone can afford.

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Gold Apple Watch Edition

3. The Apple Watch, Specifically the Gold and Hermès Editions 

With the base model starting at $349 dollars, the Apple Watch is one of the most expensive smartwatches currently on the wearable technology market. Once synced to your iPhone, you can read iMessages, check emails, view the time, talk to Siri, and perform a range of other smartwatch-related tasks. When Apple first introduced the Apple Watch, the also announced that they would produce a few limited-edition models made with real gold. The Apple Watch Edition, as they’re known, start at $10,000 dollars and climb to $15,000 dollars. Obviously only the super rich can afford a product like this, given that price. Then at their most recent keynote, Apple doubled down on the luxury smartwatch market as they’ve released a few watches with bands made by Hermès. These models start at $1,100 and go up to $1,500 dollars in price. Once you take into account how much their standard Milanese Loop models ($649-$699) or their Stainless Steel with Link Bracelet editions ($949-$999) cost, the Apple Watch is certainly a favorite among rich Americans.

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LG Watch Urbane Luxe

2. The LG Watch Urbane Luxe 

If the Apple Watch isn’t your style, or you don’t have an iPhone, then the Watch Urbane Luxe from LG is another high-end wearable technology marketed for more affluent customers. The watch is running Android Wear and provides similar features seen on most smartwatches, but unlike the standard Urbane, the Luxe edition is priced at $1,200 dollars and made from 23-karat gold. Couple the gold body with the alligator leather strap, and you’ve got a nice smartwatch on your hands. When you compare it to Apple Watch’s that cost the same, the LG Watch Urbane Luxe seems like more value for your money.

Photo from LG

Zegna Icon Jacket

1. The Zegna Icon Jacket

At $1,295 dollars, the Icon Jacket from Zegna costs more money than most high-end laptops. Not only is it an ingenious piece of wearable technology, but it’s one from a leading name in fashion as well. The jacket is available in red, black, or blue and it’s made from waterproof microfibre that’s breathable and comfortable. The jacket has a built-in Bluetooth device that can pair with your smartphone. There’s a set of headphones on the inside of the jacket in addition to some controls which are found on the left forearm. The jacket can then effectively control any Bluetooth-enabled device while simultaneously offering a trendy jacket that looks good. But at that nearly $1,300 dollar price point, only extremely rich individuals can afford this form of wearable technology.

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