Inventor Creates High Voltage Ejector Bed For People Who Refuse to Wake Up

ejector bed

You might be familiar with Colin Furze because some time ago he invented an amazing set of retractable working Wolverine claws which set the internet on fire. Well, Colin is back. And this time he’s invented something just as crazy but also something we could actually see being a reality some day. Not exactly in the way Colin has modeled it but perhaps something a little watered down?

The “mad engineer” has come up with a new invention that is both brilliant and insane at the same time. For those of you having trouble waking up in the morning, say hello to the High Voltage Ejector bad. Basically this bed will never take no for an answer. The bed literally throws you out of bed to the tune of ringing bells and car horns.

The majority of this invention was done in Furze’s garage. Just an ordinary domestic compressor powers the home-made pistons that throw you out of bed. Furze got the idea from his Youtube channel viewers and was supported by an endorsement deal from a coffee brand called Taylors of Harrogate – and he acknowledges that he was inspired by Wallace and Grommit, too.

While there’s about zero chance this bed makes it into production, we could easily see this as being a springboard to alarm inventions that will have some similar elements. Often times alarm clocks just don’t do the trick in waking us up. Perhaps an alarm directly tied to the bed (and motion of the bed) could be in our future. Check out Furze’s amazing invention below!

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And here’s the video of how he made it.