20 Athletes Who Made the Wisest Post Career Investment Decisions

Dodgers: All smiles

It is well documented that many highly successful athletes who made fortunes during their playing careers lost every dime after they retired. Some did so due to poor investments, but many others simply squandered their money on easy living. Some prominent and successful athletes have publicly stated that they were able to make money and keep it because they refrained from trying to keep up with the appearance of being rich. These are the ones who were able to hang on to their earnings so that wise post career investments would be possible. The majority of those savvy businessmen became so for various reasons.

Some worked other jobs in the off season which became their post athletic careers. Others saved their money and used it as nest eggs for the years when they would no longer be playing. Some were business minded to begin with, and others developed skills along the way out of necessity. Many are heroes, superstars and icons of their sport. Their financial stories are fascinating and their various investment paths diverse. Stars, examples, mentors and the best of the athletic world, they are also successful businessmen who continue to lead by example and invest in life.