Tom Brady Has Priceless Reaction When Being Told to Buy an $8500 Pool Cover

Tom Brady

As #deflategate gets even more ridiculous we can at least laugh at some of the stuff we’re finding out about Tom Brady.  Just recently, a massive pile of Tom Brady’s personal emails were made public as part of the NFLPA’s counterclaim against the NFL in response to Brady’s four-game Deflategate suspension.

So far it looks like most of the emails are pretty banal and in fact boring.  Most people were hoping for some juicy deflating details, but other than Tom calling out ESPN’s Mark Brunell for being a “Patriots Hater,” the emails left none to be desired.  Except one.

By far the funniest and most interesting involved pool covers.   In an exchange from last October, Brady’s manager, Ben Rawitz, suggests that Brady buy a new $8,500 pool cover for the winter. Brady, who has made $150 million in career NFL salary and is one of the league’s richest players, cannot believe he has to shell out nearly nine grand when he already has a perfectly fine pool cover.

He says that a company that doesn’t sell white pool covers are “morons.”  And he also mocks the pool industry in a very “colorful” way.  Don’t worry.  We bleeped out the bad words but you’ll get the idea.  Enjoy this colorful exchange.










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