The 20 Richest NFL Quarterbacks of All-Time

Tom Brady

It should come as no surprise to anyone that quarterbacks are the heart and soul of any football team, and the NFL is perfectly aware of this fact. It’s part of the reason they are some of the highest paid players in sports, and why they are often the most famous players on a team. Of course, not all of them are able to take their success and their earnings and make it through life comfortably. Many professional athletes squander their fortunes and end up living paycheck to paycheck for the rest of their lives while others make it big in business when they’re done with their playing days. Quarterbacks are paid far more today than they were in the past, but doesn’t mean that some old school QBs aren’t a bit wealthier than some of the current hotshot QBs. Read on to find out which NFL Quarterbacks make the list according to net worth.

Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images

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