World’s “Most Expensive Bottled Water” Costs $100,000 Per Bottle

Most Expenisve Bottled Water

We all know just how absurd things in the luxury industry can get. From the watches that cost $200,000 dollars to limited-edition exotic cars, “luxury” consumer goods can often get quite expensive. Typically these products offer some sort of advantage or added value that you cannot get elsewhere. But other times, these luxury goods are expensive for the sake of being expensive. A prime example of this, would be the $100,000 dollar bottle of water sold by Beverly Hills 9OH2O.

Beverly Hills 9OH2O is a small, artisan water company based out of California, and their water is quite interesting. They source their water from springs in the mountains in Northern California and then add some natural minerals to give it a great taste. It may seem silly, but last year their water was the winner of the “World’s Best Water Award”. They produce their water in limited quantities of 10,000 bottles, and they’re sold in select stores or from their website. A bottle from their “Lifestyle Collection” will run you about $72 dollars for a half liter, but if you want to go all-out, you can get the “Luxury Collection: Diamond Edition” bottle for $100,000 dollars which they exclaim is the most expensive bottle of water in the world.

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So why is the water so expensive? Well outside of its source, the cost of this bottle has to do with the materials used to craft the bottle. The bottles are served in premium glass decanters that have been designed by jeweler Mario Padilla. They feature a cap made entirely from white gold that is set with 600 white diamonds and over 250 black diamonds that all come in at 14-carats. Beverly Hills 9OH2O will only be producing just nine bottles in total and once you buy a bottle, it will be hand delivered by water sommelier (yes, apparently that’s a thing) Martin Riese who will also set up a private water tasting event for you. Additionally you are also granted a one year’s supply of their Lifestyle Collection water, which besides the bottle, is the same water used in the $100,000 dollar edition.

So is this bottled water the ultimate luxury water experience, a self-serving product to cater towards the wealthy who have nothing better to spend their money on, or a smart marketing ploy? I’m going to have to say that it’s just a clever marketing ploy that helps them get their name out there. But even still, their normal water is quite expensive. However if you want to spend $100,000 dollars on water, you now can do so, although you’re probably a complete fool if you actually buy this.

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Photos from Beverly Hills 9OH2O


Written by Sebastian Hensiek

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