The Most Expensive Bulgari Watches in the World

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When it comes to wristwatches, most think of Rolex or Tag Heuer, but another top of the line luxury company is Italy’s own Bulgari. These watches have been around since 1980 when the company opened up a subsidiary branch whose main focus was solely on watches. Since then Bulgari has become one of the top luxury brands and creates top quality watches with all of the parts being made in house. Take a look at the most expensive Bulgari watches in the world.

5. Diagono Chronographe – $25,600 

The Bulgari Diagono Chronographe is a sleek watch that melds black and gold perfectly. The watch features an 18k pink gold casing while the bezel is made from black ceramic. The watches dial and wristband are also both black but the middle of the band features more 18k pink gold which is what the ardillon buckle is made from too. The Diagono Chronophraphe features three different minor time telling gauges on its face that sit below the main dial hands.

4. OCTO Chrono Quadri Retro – $25,700

The Octo Chrono Quadri Retro looks relatively similar to the other Octo watches that Bulgari offers, but this one is a mixture of stainless steel and black as opposed to the highly used gold and black combo seen in plenty of their other watches. This wristwatch is very polished and looks like it came right out of an advertisement. The stainless steel is a really nice touch that adds to small center dial and two side half dials that give off a bulls-eye impression with this rings of solid black, white, and grey.

3. OCTO (with rose gold and diamond bezel) – $36,300

The Octo is a standard watch from Bulgari that features another 18k pink gold casing and buckle with the stylish black watch face. The normal OCTO also features a high quality Alligator skin band that looks great and stays comfortable. This watch jumps up in price when one can be found with a diamond encrusted bezel that makes the wristwatch flash even more while out and about.

2. OCTO Bi-Retro – $38,100 

The Bi-Retro is once again a mix of the gold and black colorway but features much more white and gold. This is another 18k pink gold frame that features a slightly different face design compared to other Bulgari watches by placing the small circular seconds dial in the minutes dial which looks exactly like the speedometer dials featured on a car’s dashboard. This watch also features the black alligator band and 18k pink gold clasp to give it the full Bulgari look.

1. OCTO Chronographe Quadri-Retro – $47,400

The Octo Chronographe Quadri-Retro falls in with the rest of the collection but stands out because of it’s magnificent golden front. The watch offers the same small dial surrounded with two half dials on the side but has a beautifully polished golden bezel that, with the rest of the gold on the piece, makes it pop. This watch easily stands out the most compared to the rest and would catch anyone’s attention.

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Written by Blaise Hopkins

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