Versace’s “Bright Crystal” Perfume is Surprisingly Affordable

Italian fashion house Versace makes some extremely desirable and expensive fashion and fashion related goods. The company got started back in 1978, and while it is still relatively young, it was soon recognized as a major player in the fashion world. Versace is especially known for its high-fashion goods and the clothing lines. However like all fashion companies, Versace branched out and began to create a variety of other products: from shoes and sunglasses to jewelry, watches, and perfume. They currently have a few different types of perfume and cologne available. With some bottles cost $470 dollars can you get Versace perfume for less? Well it turns out you can, a lot less actually.

Created specifically for Donatella Versace (the sister of the companies creator Gianni Versace) the fragrance known as “Bright Crystal” was made. This fragrance soon became popular among many women across the world and is one of their best sellers. Donatella Versace preferred more floral smelling fragrances, which was the inspiration for this bottle. The aroma is sensual and evokes a sense of freshness to those smelling it. It features a complex blend of many different flavors and scents. Notes of iced accord, yuzu, pomegranate, peony, magnolia, lotus flower, acajou, vegetal amber, and musk are all found in this bottle. Additionally Versace makes body lotion with the same flavors of Bright Crystal to accompany the perfume.

Now how much does this perfume cost? Versace is known for not only its quality goods, but also for its high prices. However surpassingly enough bottles of this fragrance are not that bad. If you head on over to Sephora you can purchase a 0.3 oz roller ball applicator of the Eau de Toilette for just $24 dollars. Also you can purchase a 1 oz bottle for $52 dollars, a 1.7 oz bottle for $70 dollars, and a 3 oz bottle for $90 dollars. Compared to some of the other fragrances from Versace, this is actually a pretty good deal. So if you want a Versace perfume, that doesn’t cost that much then definitely check out the Bright Crystal for you or a loved one.

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