Swim in a 24-Carat Gold Pool at the Soon-to-be Versace Villa Boutique Hotel in Miami

Versace''s Home To Become A Hotel On Miami Beach, Florida

For all the gold-lovers out there we’ve found your dream. No it’s not jewelry. It actually comes in the form of the Versace Villa in Miami, which is soon to become a boutique hotel again. Gold-lovers – get your swim trunks ready.  Gianni Versace’s Miami mansion is soon-to-be reopened as Villa by Barton G. The mansion is as luxurious as any home in the world. Don’t believe us?

Let’s start with the 24-carat gold pool. It’s legitimately a mosaic-lined 24-carat gold pool and it’s 54 feet long. If you’ve looked at the photos it looks absolutely incredible. The suites are nothing short of breathtaking. Italian marble bathrooms, Egyptian cotton sheets, balconies and views of Ocean Drive. The smallest suite in the entire villa is 434 sq. feet with the largest being 1,428 sq. feet. For those of you with a little extra cash to spend, they can stay at the famed designers former bedroom which features a 9-foot double king-sized bed, seven custom made closets, and an ornate over-sized shower. It is the epitome of luxury.

The property is also home to an open-air garden, Mediterranean restaurant, two private lounges, and spa services. The least expensive rooms start at $795 a night while the Villa suite rates start at $2,200. There is only one glitch – it’s BYOB in the entire hotel!

I would never stay there, but it’s absolutely glamorous. It’s also a nice look into the brilliance of Versace.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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