Privé Jets Offers a New Kind of Jet Setter Luxury Flying Program

Prive Jets

Nobody wants to deal with the hassle of long lines at the airport, traveling with sick passengers and having to wait on the aircraft. Prive jets was built to help travelers get to their next destination with ease and has developed a Jet Setter program to help luxury travel become even easier whether one is flying for business or pleasure.  The jets can pick up passengers from anywhere in the world.  With a selection of helicopters, turbo props, light jets, midsize jets, heavy jets, and even jet airliners, there is no other private jet charter program that offers such a variety.

The best part about the Jet Setter Program is that you are not locked into any operational zone so you can travel anywhere at any time, allowing globetrotters around the world to fly private aviation without limits and hassles. Included in the Jet Setter program is a No membership fee, No acquisition fee, No monthly management fee, No long-term contractual commitments, and the additional benefits include Discounted hourly rates, a personal travel consultant, all hours Concierge services, Free upgrades, Use of multiple aircrafts, and Access to over 6,000 aircrafts around the globe.

Prive jets is an award-winning private jet charter company, and proud INC 5000 company, who have won many awards in the private aviation category and include celebrity travelers and exclusive private members. All of the vendors not only exceed the requirements of the FAA, but have pilots have had incredible amounts of training programs at the nation’s top flight training facilities and you can learn more at

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