Here’s What a $159,000 Round the World Trip Gets You

Crystal Air

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel around the world? Some people are lucky enough to do it. They take a few months off work, plan their trip rigorously, book the flights and off they go, for a journey of a lifetime. There is so much out there to see and do and you can’t possibly do all of it! However, to just see a small amount of several parts of the world is enough to remind you quite how wonderful and diverse the planet and its people, animals and plants are.

Even though it will still probably cost them several thousand sof pounds, most people who travel around the world do so on a budget. They cut corners where they can and they are always ready to save on something. This is not the case for everyone however. Some people are able to travel around the world in immense style. It does cost them though; $159,000 in fact!

Crystal AirCruises recently purchased a Boeing 777-200LR jet which will be launching in to the air in summer 2017. Crystal is perhaps best known for its luxury cruise liners and this is a big challenge for the company, to move into air travel, but they are confident that te brand will fit this new enterprise very nicely. To inaugurate this exciting step for the company they have teamed up with the hotel brand ‘The Peninsula’ to create an around the world jet tour of a lifetime.

It will however cost guests $159,000 per person; several times over the annual salary of most Americans. No expense will be spared however on this epic 27 day trip, which will involve trips to 10 major cities across the world, including Tokyo, Paris and New York. What does this trip involve though and what do you get for your money if you are spending this much?

While in the cities the guests will be treated like royalty and will be able to experience the best culinary and cultural delights that the cities have to offer. They will be the sorts of experiences that you wouldn’t normally be able to do if you were going to the place yourself. These people are spending a lot of money though and so will, quite understandingly, expect the best. Guests will be met at each city by high profile locals such as artists or fashion designers, who will take the guests around the city and give them an insider’s perspective.

The Itinerary

New York – Guests will begin their journey at The Peninsula in New York which is based in the heart of the city’s cultural and shopping district. An exclusive evening will be spent at the Saln de Ning roof terrace at the hotel, overlooking the Manhattan skyline. It will be a truly memorable way to start this trip.

Chicago – The next stop will be Chicago, staying at The Peninsula on Michigan Avenue, at the heart of the city. You could visit the museums or theaters, or find some exclusive restaurants of which there are many. If you are spending $159,000, why not spend a bit more?!

Los Angeles – Beverley Hills awaits as you experience the glitz and glamour of the high life in LA. The hotel is located just moments away from Rodeo Drive, the famous shopping district. This is a wonderful way to experience the city.

Tokyo – Next you will fly across the Pacific and land in Tokyo, the Japanese capital. Here you will experience Japanese tea ceremonies, taiko drumming and sumo wrestling, the wonderful food and culture, including the temples and of course the sushi and, unless you are a vegetarian, the succulent kobe beef.

Beijing – Next, it’s off to China. You will be treated to a private Tai chi class at the Temple of Heaven as well as tucking in to a private dinner with your fellow guests at the Great Wall of China itself. You will take an internal flight to the Yungang grottos in Shanxi and also go round Beijing with a local to get a proper insider’s perspective. This is an incredible country and this a wonderful way to see it.

Shanghai – Moving south, you will next spend a few days in the bustling city of Shanghai, where you will dine in Michelin star restaurants, make your own Chinese food and dim sum and experience the culture of the local area. You will take an internal flight to the village of Xidi, which you will find amazing. The hotel is based in the heart of the city.

Hong Kong – This iconic city hardly ever stops but it also has an incredible history and cuisine. You will learn about both. The company will take you out on a cruise round the Victoria harbor to get a first class view of the city. You will have the option to fly to Macau.

ManilaThe Peninsula hotel in Manila has been in action for over 30 years and throughout that time it has earned an enviable reputation. You will join a local historian on this trip to peel back the layers of the city’s history. You could also meet local fashion designers to find out more about Philipino fashion or how about have something custom made for yourself?

Bangkok – Almost a week is spent in the Thai capital where you can make the most of the delicious food and the beautiful scenery. You could ride an elephant or visit a Thai traditional tribe while you are in the country.

Paris – Finally, the tour flies to the French capital where the glitz and glamour rises to new levels. Paris is the city of love and also of sophistication. You can visit numerous galleries and museums and also make the most of the fabulous French food and wine.

The Plane

The plane itself has been completely refitted to suit every need of the guests. All the seats have the capacity to lie flat so enable the best possible night’s sleep for guests. There is a designated lunge area and a bar. The meals are also all cooked by an executive chef who puts quality at the highest importance so guests will not be disappointed. There is certainly not a microwave meal in sight! All guests will be issued with complimentary iPads and there is also wifi throughout the plane, available to all guests free of extra charges.

So, this is what you get!

As you can see, if you spend $159,000 per person you get a lot of things done and have the opportunity to see and experienc many things that you wouldn’t otherwise. It is quite an exclusive trip. You will likely meet new friends and eat the most delicious food. Truly, a journey of a lifetime.

Written by Worthly