10 of the Most Restricted Places on the Planet

Most Restricted Places on Earth - Svalbard

From maximum security military bases that supposedly don’t exist to the most dangerous borders on Earth, there are a lot of places in the world where we simply cannot go. These restricted locations are either governmental facilities, treacherous places, or well-kept “secrets”. Luckily we have the internet so we can find out and learn about these locations that are off-limits. Restricted areas also seem to sprout conspiracy theories, which makes them even more fascinating. We are going to take a look at a list of ten of the most restricted places in the entire world.

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10. Ise Grand Shrine – Ise, Japan

Ise Grand Shrine

Ise Grand Shrine is probably the holiest place in all of Japan. The shrine is a complex of various buildings dedicated to the Shinto faith. It is also rumored to be the home of the “sacred mirror” which is the holiest artifacts of the Shinto faith. Every 20 years the entire shrine is destroyed and the rebuilt, symbolizing death and rebirth. The reason it’s so restricted you ask? Well only chief priests and priestesses of the Japanese Imperial Family are allowed to enter. So the vast majority of us will never be allowed to see whats on the inside.

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9. The Vatican’s Secret Archives – The Vatican

Vatican Secret Archives

Like something out of The DaVinci Code, the Vatican is home to one of the most restricted places in the world: their secret archives. Now it’s a well-known fact that these archives exist as you can view documents from them, so they aren’t really “secret”. What makes them restricted is only high-ranking priests can gain access to the archives, which is probably one of the largest collections of ancient texts around. I’m also sure that they have some documents and other items down there that we don’t know about.

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8. The Whitehouse Situation Room – Washington, D.C.

Whitehouse Situation Room

The Situation Room at the White House is essentially where the President and other high-ranking governmental officials meet for various reasons that concern high levels of security. They come to this room to discuss potential terror threats, or to oversee top-secret, spec-ops missions that go on unbeknownst to the general public. So good luck trying to get into here.

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7. North Sentinel Island – Bay of Bengal

North Sentinel Island

Remember in King Kong when they initially get to the island and are met by the vicious tribespeople that live there? That’s basically North Sentinel Island, minus the giant animals. Located out in the Bay of Bengal, this island is home to a small indigenous population known as the Sentinelese. Every time an explorer has come to the island, the indigenous people either kill them, wound them, or scare them away. As soon as you dock a boat here, they will attack you. Researches believe this is the last group of humans that are untouched by modern society. Many people even think that they have not discovered the ability to harness fire; as they are essentially living like how our ancestors lived tens of thousands of years ago. The island is official a part of India, however they have established laws banning people from coming here, and have abandoned all attempts to make contact with the population. We don’t know much about these people, besides that they will kill you if you want to visit.

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6. Area 51 – Southern Nevada

Area 51

We all know about Area 51 and how aliens supposedly crash landed here sometime back in the 1960’s. While that’s most likely false, Area 51 is still completely off-limits. It’s always been a “secret” U.S. military base that has been known to test experimental aircraft. Now everyone is familiar with it and how “aliens live here “. While that’s most likely an elaborate conspiracy theory, no one knows what goes on here as the base is still in operation and it’s still heavily guarded.

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