The World’s Most Expensive Perfume


For many of us, fragrance is something that is carefully selected and what may be exquisite for one person could be a total disaster for others. Price is something that most are willing to negotiate and rationalize in their minds. Once you have found the perfect scent, you are generally willing to pay the going rate instead of settling for second best or worse. Christian Dior has recently introduced J’adore as its new and already popular fragrances in its French perfume line. It is currently believed to be the most expensive perfume, but this hasn’t halted the sale to any degree. For lover of high end luxury, the new creation has made an impressive splash worthy of a closer and more in depth look.

What makes J’adore so popular?

We’ll begin with the fragrance itself. J’adore gives wearers a unique ambiance that has floral notes and hints of fruitiness. It can be described as having the ideal bouquet with careful attention paid to the smallest detail of the blending of the most high quality ingredients in existence. It has the beauty and exquisite qualities of a flower which as been tailor made to incorporate all of the essences which meld uniquely to present a new and beautifully crafted fragrance. Included in the formulation are Ylang Ylang which lends exotic and soft fruity and floral notes.

The sophistication of the Damascus Rose adds a quickening and simultaneous warming of the sense. The final addition that finishes the perfect balance of this multi-faceted fragrance is the addition of two types of Jasmine which offer the perfect combination of the sensual soft floral found in the Jasmine Grandiflorum from Grasse that offers in its own right a hint of sunny fruitiness, and its companion the Indian Jasmine Sambac with warmer nuances and a carnal quality with the surrounding virtue of orange blossom.

Assessment of uniqueness

J’adore is Dior’s original signature offering sensuality without the weight found in other types. The floral notes are iconic in the Dior line as they are the hallmark favorite of the founder of the company. The use of opposites with bondable features is used in the creation of the complexity of this scent which makes it a perfect choice for a large percentage of the population.

What is new about J’adore this season?

The creative director of Dior Joaillerie is Victoire de Castellane, the collaborative effort has produced one of the most amazing new decanters for the fragrance that is responsible for raising J’adore to the height of being the most expensive perfume. You may purchase the fragrance in a variety of sizes and strengths from local retailers at more reasonable rates, but the holiday diamond encrusted bottle will cost you considerably more.


J’adore Exceptional Edition

The same amazing fragrance is housed within a creative work of brilliance and genius. The bottle for the Exceptional Edition takes its’ inspiration from the Castellane collection of jewellery from the eighteenth century which is titled “Palace of Versailles.” The design is impeccable and drips with luxury and elegance. It begins with a Baccarat crystal flacon of J’adore that has been embellished with the bow that has a total of ten diamonds in a pear cut and thirty which are round cut. This is no ordinary bottle with a few gefms attached. The bow ribbon is carefully crafted with alternating layers of rose gold and silver using a special bonding technique. It uses oxidization which blackens the silver while allowing the natural sheen of teh gold to shine through. It is a bit time consuming, but the results are well worth the effort.

Uniqueness of the bottle itself

The base container for this unique perfume bottle is not one that has been manufactured en masse. Each bottle is created from mouth blown crystal. The action is performed by Baccarat’s master glassblowers. Each bottle is a one of a kind creation.

Limited Edition

Here is another kicker that adds to the uniqueness of this very special edition of J’adore. There are only five editions which have been created worldwide. J’adore Exceptional Edition is perhaps one of the most special creations to be introduced by Dior yet. This is a perfume edition that will be high out of the reach of the majority of loyal fans, if not because of the high price that it fetches, but simply because there are not nearly enough to go around unless you’re quick enough to beat the other holiday shoppers to the front of the line.


There isn’t likely to be a shortage of J’adore perfume at your local high end retailer including Sephora and a few others, but it won’t be the Exceptional Edition. The average retail price for the 3.4 ounce size is around $124, which is affordable for most people who prefer the brand and edition. If you’re a careful shopper and you watch for holiday sales and discounts you may find it for even less on a good shopping day.

The J’adore Exceptional Edition is available in five editions which include the famed hand blown crystal and fully adorned bow. 30ml of Exceptional will go for $42,000 a botttle and will only be available through special order. For more information about getting yours, you’ll need to contact your Pure Conciergerie to find out how to order the limited edition.

Final thoughts

Christian Dior is well known for its one of a kind creations and the ambiance of their special designs adds an extra touch of the sublime which has helped to propel their luxury lines to unrivaled heights. The Exceptional Edition is a good example of how the company surprises their adoring followers with a very special and unique offering and this indeed is a very special occasion. There are quite a few knock offs out there who attempt to mimic the scent and special bottle designs, but they fail miserably with both endeavors. Dior J’adore is comparable to other luxury products which offer a uniqueness that cannot be adequately copied or reproduced outside of the originator.


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