Nike Honors His NBA Journey With LeBron 13 “Akronite Philosophy”

Nike LeBron 13 Akronite Philosophy

Nike’s line of signature sneakers for LeBron James have always been known for their aggressive looks and their interesting and unique designs. It is also not uncommon for the LeBron 13’s to pay homage to LeBron’s hometown of Akron, Ohio. Nike continues this theme with their newest upcoming release of their LeBron 13 “Akronite Philosophy”.

These new LeBron 13’s are filled with symbolism and themes that relate to LeBron’s life and to the city of Akron. On the back of the heel we see the number “330” which is the area code for Akron, Ohio. The rest of the sneaker is comprised of a multi-color pattern that seems random at first, but is actually filled with meaning. We find scenes of fields and hills that are meant to symbolize Akron and the surrounding area. A beach motif and palm trees are pictured which are meant to symbolize LeBron’s time in Miami. Stars and lakes are also found throughout various parts of the sneaker. Essentially the design aims to paint a picture of LeBron’s sporting career and the end result is one of the more intricate and interesting sneakers that I’ve ever seen.

The LeBron 13 “Akronite Philosophy” are set to be released on November 21st. The sneakers will retail for $200 dollars and they will be available for sale either on Nike’s website or from select retailers.

Nike LeBron 13 Akronite Philosophy 2

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