New Japanese Inspired Sneakers Wrap Around Your Feet


Remember the days of VELCRO?  Yes, it still exists but these days sneakers are taking on technologies we never though imaginable.  No more shoe laces.  VELCRO?  Yes.  But let’s use it in a different way.  How about a sneaker that simply wraps around your feet? These are the Vibram Furoshiki wrap-around shoes.  The sneaks were inspired by traditional Japanese Furoshiki fabrics that are used to wrap girls or transport goods.

Essentially the sneakers are a rubber soled slipper with a long piece of fabric on each side.   They wrap across the top of your foot and are secured by….you guessed it….VELCRO.  They are perfect for those who are basically too lazy to tie their own shoes.  At the same time if you think you’ll get made fun of because VELCRO is in your life, don’t fret, these solve that problem too!

Want some more detail?  Here’s a video that goes into the process further.

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