Anyone Up For Some $1,500 Versace Sneakers?

There are literally so many different kinds of sneakers out there, that it can be at times overwhelming to choose the right one for you. Are you looking for something functional? Do you want a sneaker for working out or running in? Do you want some sneakers so you can go skateboarding? Or do you want to make a big statement? If you answer “yes” to that last question, then you should take a look at these Versace sneakers for men.

Versace is a high-end luxury fashion company based out of Italy. It was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, and while being a relatively young fashion house, quickly rose to prominence and is now one of the most expensive fashion brands in the entire world. The company specializes in high-fashion, however the sell a variety of other designer goods such as dresses, suits, watches, jewelry, perfumes, belts, underwear, and shoes, among other products. All of their products are very expensive, as one would expect with a premium designer brand. They produce some extremely expensive sneakers, like the “Techno Gold Paneled Sneakers”, which are pictured above.

For $1,495 dollars these sneakers can be yours. These high-top sneakers feature a gold zipper that runs along the outside of the shoes, as opposed to traditional laces. There are multiple gold plates located all across the sneakers, with the plate located on the tongue having the iconic Versace logo, which is the head of the ancient Greek mythological being Medusa. The shoe it self is made from premium, soft leather and has extra padding on the ankles. Like all of Versace’s products, these sneakers are made in Italy in their high-quality clothing factories. These sneakers are pretty expensive, however believe it or not, there are many sneakers out there that cost this much. Just do a quick Google search for “the most expensive Air Jordans” and you will see. These sneakers are extremely bold in design, and will demand peoples attention. I can see Kanye West liking these shoes, however he has his own Nike’s made for him dubbed “Air Yeezy’s”. If you want to make a shoe statement and have $1,495 dollars then these Versace sneakers are just for you.

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