These Air Jordan Sneakers Cost Over $100,000

When considering shoes that cost upwards of a few thousand dollars, brands like Gucci, Prada, and Ralph Lauren probably come to mind in addition to other high-end fashion companies that make shoes. One probably cannot imagine that sneakers could possible cost thousands of dollars, and the brands Nike and Air Jordan probably do not come to mind. However you should probably think otherwise, because they do.

Nike and Air Jordan, a subsidiary of Nike set up by basketball hero Michael Jordan, produce a variety of different sneaks each year. However in addition to their normal line-up of sneakers they also release limited edition sneakers. These sneakers are highly sought after and people often wait in line outside of retail stores for days hoping they can get their hands on a pair. These particular sneakers have a considerable after-market value and often go for large sums of money, depending on the sneaker. Some of these shoes go for thousands of dollars online as they are extremely rare and limited, however one pair trumps all of them.

The most expensive pairof Air Jordan’s that were ever sold were a pair of Air Jordan 12’s. This model shoe (pictured above) came out during the late 1990’s when Michael Jordan was still playing the game. These Jordan’s were originally produced between 1996 to 1997, however there have been “retro” version that were produced in the 2000’s. The most expensive ones are ones that were actually worn by Jordan himself, and have his signature on them. These particular shoes were worn in the NBA finals that year and the story goes that after winning the game, he signed his shoes and then gave them to a ball boy. That ball boy held onto them as they increased in value over the years. They were recently sold in an auction last year and the bid closed at $104,000 dollars making them the most expensive ever.

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Written by Sebastian Hensiek

From Philadelphia, Sebastian is a fan of music, writing, art, and entertainment.